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MB Demo
Title:MB Demo
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Muffbusters (MB)
Coded by:M., P├ęter (Mucsi)
Notes:AKA Muffbusters Demo.
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User Rating: 7/10 (4 votes)
MB Demo Screenshot

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
1Raster Split 6 splits in the lower border.
2DYPP A 2x2 full-screen length DYPP, but animated (not calculated). Each letter has 3 frames. Updates every 2nd frame.
3PlotterItems: 64 Change parameters via Joystick port 2 (menu appears after a while).
4TED + Digi 
6PlotterItems: 10 

Image Gallery
MB Demo Screenshot #1
MB Demo Screenshot #2
MB Demo Screenshot #3
MB Demo Screenshot #4
MB Demo Screenshot #5
MB Demo Screenshot #6
MB Demo Screenshot #7

In the 2nd part, the following message can be read:
"Boomby: neked is van egy uzenetem: 454F5223244645 -- B5 AB B2 BA DE BB B2 DE F2 BB B9 A7 AD A4 B7 A8 BB AD DE FF DE A4 BB B0 BB AD A4 BB AC B5 BB AD A4 AA B1 DE DF"

The first numbers are screen codes, which read: "EOR#$FE" (this is the instruction to decode the characters that follow). When decoded, the message reads: "kuld(sic) el legyszives a zeneszerkeszo(sic) !"

(Translation: "Boomby: I have a message for you as well: Please send me the music editor!")

The message is likely a reference to Soundtracker, which was coded by Boomby (and cracked by Mucsi). This editor can play two TED channels + digi. In later MB demos, such musics were used.

As credited in the demo, the 2nd part (DYPP) was converted from the 2nd part of C64 demo Millenium by SHAPE.



In the memory from $C2A0 the following fragment is left behind from the original C64 demo's scrolltext: "SAY -: SHAPE UP YOURSELF! WE, OR I HAVE NEVER SAID 1 SINGLE THING ABOUT ABNORMAL WHICH IS NOT". (Therefore this is not considered "hidden text", only leftover garbage.) The same fragment appears in Korak's rip of this part.

As credited in the demo, the 3rd part was converted from the C64 demo Sledge by Starion.



The Plus/4 version does not have the sprite scroll on top of the plotter.

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