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FLI in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - FLI
NameRelease DateNotesItemsColor mode
Gif Collection1995-03-26 Interlaced HFLI
To Be Ashamed1991-02  
German Xmas 19921993-02-06  
Compy Xmas1990-12-09  
A Trip1989-06-23  
Hard Death1993  
Crackers' Demo 21991-04  
Imagine Megademo1992  
Imagine Megademo1992  
Zenith Of Puberty2007-02-24 Interlaced MFLI
Compy Xmas 21991-12Changeable parameters.  
Notizen Aus Der Provinz2007-06-16Overscan. Interlaced MFLI
Plus 4 FLI2003-07-04 HFLI
Boray Pics2005-07 Interlaced HFLI
Conan Comics Preview2010-04-08 HFLI
Drea-M-time 20042004-04-12 Interlaced HFLI
Drea-M-time Reloaded2004-04-16 Interlaced HFLI
Flowers2004-04-29 MFLI
Drea-M-time XXXII2004-08-16 Interlaced HFLI
TLC FLI Collection1998  
Chaos2005-02-28Displayed while loading. Interlaced HFLI
Chaos2005-02-28Displayed while loading. Interlaced MFLI
Radiant2005-02FLI logo.  
Legend Of MC1993  
Virtual Reality1994-10-22  
Knight Rider 21993-10-24FLI logo.  
Oldschool 22010-07-17  
Legend Of MC1993  
Perfect Visions 32011-06-06 MFLI
Metal Ass1991-02  
Landing In The Village2011-05-23 Interlaced MFLI
Wonderland2011-03-05 MFLI
Half 702011-06-03 Interlaced HFLI
Butterfly2011-07-31 Interlaced HFLI
Le-Roi2011-07-31 Interlaced MFLI
Bunny-20112011-02-14 Interlaced HFLI
Plussycat2008-08-24 MFLI
Eagle2007-08-07 MFLI
Musketeer2007-07-14 MFLI
Majalis2011-03-05 Interlaced HFLI
Die Katastrophe2011-07-31 HFLI
Young Superhero2008-08-24 Interlaced MFLI
Er Ist Friedlich Eingeschlafen2011-09-24 HFLI
Flowers 22005-05-29 MFLI
Iron Maiden GFX2009-12-30 HFLI
LOTR Hobbit Art2012-05-05 Interlaced HFLI
Plus 4 FLI2003-07-04 Interlaced MFLI
Dino Shock2012-05-24 Interlaced HFLI
Dino Shock2012-05-24 HFLI
Atilla2012-07-08 MFLI
I Will Go My Way2012-07-08 MFLI
Metamerism2012-08-12 Interlaced MFLI
New FLI1995One of the early FLI attempts. Interlaced HFLI
M-FLI Laced 1UnknownA very ancient attempt. Interlaced MFLI
Afro Boxer Meets Peter Pan2012-11-15 MFLI
GCV2013-07-06 Interlaced HFLI
D's Silent2013-07-06 MFLI
S72013-07-08 MFLI
Virtual Cyclist2014-06-08 Interlaced HFLI
Gottifant2014-07-14 MFLI
Mechfight2014-07-19 Interlaced HFLI
Soul Feeder2014-09-09 Interlaced HFLI
ET+42014-08-29 MFLI
Dutch Breeze2014-08-26 MFLI
Lazur Vs Boris2012-08-14 Interlaced MFLI
One Zak And His Kracken2014-09-21 MFLI
Atari Vs Plus/42012-08-23 MFLI
G14latarnik +42014-08-02 MFLI
Here I Come2015-09-06 MFLI
Carrion's Gfx2015-11-11 MFLI
Teapot Genie2015-11-29 Interlaced MFLI
Virtual FLI Show1994-07-10  
Brain Dead Idea2016-03-19 MFLI
Take This Life Energy2016-11-13 MFLI
Monumentum +4 Gfx2016-11-23 MFLI
VDC Challenge2017-01-06 HFLI
Ha!Wangarda 20162017-01-13 HFLI
Venice Carneval2017-03-21 HFLI
Asterix HFLI2017-06-26 HFLI
Dreamtime 2K172017-08-12 Interlaced HFLI
Galli +42017-11-08Creator daughter's handdrawing at 7. IHFLI
Sweet DFLI C162018-01-08DFLI  
83 found.

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