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To Be Ashamed
Title:To Be Ashamed
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
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Released by:A-System (A-Sys)
Additional Coded by:Ran
Coded by:B., Armando (Pit)
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 6.6/10 (10 votes)
To Be Ashamed Screenshot

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
Raster Split 

Scrolltext (Speed Control Chars Removed)
   ......the leader of the scene decide to release...  'to be ashamed' was coded by   pit and ran of the legal a-system well,guys.have you ever tried to make raster-splits ? if you use the extended color mode you can make 5 splits(ff15/ff16/ff17/ff18/ff19) ! right ?   if you are a good timer,you can create some splits in the border (ff19) ,very easy to do ! right ?    ......but how is it possible to do 40 (!) splits over the screen,with some scrollers,that means that we didn't switch off the fucking screen ??!!? well,there is no protection at the coding so,lamers,check it out then......i think this is a real world-record.not only a rastersplit-world record...have you ever seen so many effects at the same time on the screen ?? let's count the effects...5 (five!) rastersplits in the border...5 (five!) 1x1 scroller with different directions over the splits...a 2x2 slow-fast-stop scroll...rasters all over the sideborder...a raster movement(very big!!)...40 (fourty!) raster-splits over 23 (twenty-three!) lines...a real 2 (two!) voice dream music aaaaaaannnnnd phasenbaer starker scrolltext !!!yeahhhh ! a-system reigns supreme !! again !!! try to beat that lamers !!!merry x-mas and happy new year full of success wishs you dark of a-system - leader of the c-64 a-system section !!!! a hi to you all in a-system !!! - nukeman ! - plasma ! - ran ! - rade !  how's life going,phasenbaeren ??i thought about to pep off this chars,but i was tooooo lazy !!there are still some cycles left but who cares ?? jaja !so kann 'ma ganz schnell aus ein cycle zwei werden,gelle plasma-baby ? the greetings should be found in the demo called 'happy x-mas'  i don't know,but pehaps i link that demo in front of this one,but i don't know yet...ahhh ! the fucking post is coming ! only three packages......i open four stuff...i insert the disk...ceekay demos...i load 'em...urghhhhh !!! lame !...i press stupid and lame he is !...i press again (fearfull and hopefull) space...hahaha...stupid and lame again (what can we expect from a lamer ??).well,i press space and load all demo-parts of his stupid demo and decide to switch off ! if you want a good laugh - get the newest ceekay demo !! his logos looks so lame like his coding ! hey,plasma ! have you seen his fld - attempt ?? hua,hua !!never seen such a shit !! some scrolltexts of him are ripped from pit and plasmas demos ! but the top of lameness :   he ripped our sound-player routine,our fli coding,plasmas rom-listing and coding of several other p4 groups ! yes,ceekay ! you reached kruss-standart !!! from this day on,we won't stop treating you,still you make a demo where you excuse for this're name in the scene is nothing more than a worthless slimeball ! i heard that tron decide to make a anti demo against you !! - cooool !! but perhaps we release one,too ! spread the demo,where you apologize for these things at the 1 february in 1991,or get shocked - cop-shocked !!!if we don't get the demo (send it to plasma),we went hostile against you for sure !!!  i think we should end here . this is one of 5 (five!) anti-scrolltext's scrolling around in the x-mas time ! never bait the beast !            .......end of scrolltext......  

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