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LOTR Hobbit Art
Title:LOTR Hobbit Art
Category:Demo/Picture Show
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Created by:M., Zoltán (MMS)
Credited (Additional Coded by):V., István (IstvanV)
Notes:Fast disk loading both for 1541 and 1551 drives. Pictures from movies'scenes, Alan Lee's and John Howe's.
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LOTR Hobbit Art Screenshot

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
FLIColor mode: Interlaced HFLI 

Just to able to see the GFX without those loading times (from YAPE 1.1.0 C with CRT emulation).
Actually now (in 2017) I could do a much better release out of this, with no interlace GFX and better colors.

At that time I did not feel the real powers of HFLI, and the disc is a kind of experiment with mix of different resolutions and gfxs in different quality.
Maybe 50% I would treat as lame quality with my current 2017 knowledge, but the other 50% is still OK.

Still, I was very happy at that time to able to show some better (and some lame, but loved :-) ) graphics on this nice 8 bit machine.

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