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Welcome to Plus/4 World!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-02-11
HugohuntRetro-gamers rejoice: angelsoft is here with a new release! Some of you may have seen an early version of the game on the author's homepage, but today marks the official release.

Hugohunt is an action game, inspired by an Atari game. The mazes, ghosts, and 'pills' to be eaten give the game a 'Pac-man' feel, but this is a good game on its own right. It's superbly programmed: beautiful colors, nice music and sound effects, runs on a C16 and PAL/NTSC compatible. Not to mention it comes with a level editor and even a C64 version (see the author's notes on the reason behind this).

Don't delay: download it now and check it out. Be sure to give your feedback and send if your high scores to the Hall of Fame!
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Hungarian Cover Scans From Lacus!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-02-02
Vadász És NyúlLacus has been busy buying up original Hungarian releases, and he's been kind enough to do the work of scanning, photographing, and transferring files to TAP format. Here's what's been added today: Európa (tape photo), Évezredek I and Évezredek III (covers and TAP), Magyarország (tape photo), Vadász És Nyúl (cover scan), Karate (covers and TAP), and Kincsvadász (covers and tape photo).

It's awesome have the original of Karate: if you've never played this Hungarian gem, now's the time to try it out! Vadász És Nyúl is not a noteworthy release by any means, but the cover artwork (and we're using that term very loosely here) is interesting. It appears to have been drawn by a young child. Perhaps there's a story behind it? Who knows :-)

Anyway, check these out and enjoy! Big thanks for Lacus for sending them in.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-28Erich/Ultd has just released Hires Color 10. You can check out 32 hires pictures using the Magica driver.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-162016's first release is Pi by Litwr! gerliczer combined George's Blackbelt graphics and tune into one program.[ comments ]

Endings Giveaway
Posted by Luca on 2016-01-15
Majesty Of Sprites endingWith this last appointment, the usual endings triplets' sets do not need to have further releases. The folder which we have completely filled with screenshots and data to be added one by one has now been stripped and has gone forever. From now, we will usually enrich the Game Endings page just like all the others, so take a look to it from time to time.

Here's the titles we added to end with a bang: Mac Coin, Nibbly 92, 3D Time Trek, Battle Axe, Crazy Tennis, Sqij, Power Ball, Simple Puzzle, Zolyx +++, Pilot X, Memento, Bit Fox, Star Wars, Tower Of Evil, Grid, Flaschen Hannes, Xargon Wars, Skramble, Pharaoh's Tomb, Micropainter, Go Ahead!, Drol, Break Dance, Dizzy 3, Mr. Puniverse, Leapin Louie, Jack Attack, Jabba Otthona, Strange Building, Dodo, Adventures In Time, Majesty Of Sprites.
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Moldi's Treasure 10/10
Posted by Luca on 2016-01-08
It's over, we've done, can't believe we completed it in the very end!
It's the real 10th flowout from the treasure chest donated to us by Moldi when ppl did meet him at the Busodore Party almost 5 years ago, from which we saved up to about five hundred programs not included in any archive before! Moldi we'll never thank you enough for this immense feeding of Plus/4 stuff!

Outrun II DemoWhat can you find in this latest appointment with the world of unseen before software? Oh well, basically what still remain, we're squeezing the sponge and see what falls down. Sometimes certain productions get stuck into the clefts of homonymy and misunderstandings, and nobody take'em to the light, just like in the case of Outrun II Demo, which is another failed attempt to align digis and Coby's waveconverter. Or like for Terror Music Box by Moldi himself, Sohase Mond which was easily confused with Christmas 91, or Castle Demo which at first glance could seem Castle Pic. On the other hand, the scene succeded in missing not one only but both the demos explicitly dedicated to the Hungarian city of Mezőkövesd, where TPSH lives. Party In Mezőkövesd and The Demo Of Mezőkövesd: same party? We dunno yet...

It seems even incredible to us how many complete games we've still missed, in the times when we would believe that nothing can really be discovered from the past. The Moldi's software archive has surprised us till the end of this journey, and here come Dodo, Drakula Kastélya, Tekergő, and last but not least Risiko Demo, a pretty nice working preview of an implementation in BASIC V3.5 for the classic board game, one of those works we really would have been seen in the final shape!
Risiko DemoFinally, there's room for the weirdest pieces in this collection! Be honest here in GOTU, who has truly written the texts of Minifuck? ;) Do you know that Mucsi had reduced one of the most complete notewriters to be used on tape too, with The Best Letter Writer / Tape? Now we have Reincarnation 2, so where's the first one, which should be very similar to it according to the author himself? Is the author of Music Box 2 (Ati) the Ati we all know but still away from Gentlemen? Does LBM really believe in oriental destiny interpretations like I Ging? Does truly exist a third one, as written in the scrolltext of the fresh found Impulse Mega 2? For what piece of hardware Digital Frequency Counter practically counts? Did TGH really use Life Of Pictures for his graphics?

As you all can see, a finish point is ever a new starting point for further discoveries, where no Plus/4 scener has gone before!
Here it is, that's the very last complete list of releases for this tenth wave, and we can't hide a little emotional tear dropping from the eye: ABC (onefile), Atlós Fényujság, Beszélő Nyelvtan, I Ging, Digital Frequency Counter, Disk Lister V3.2, Duplázó V1.0, Ékezetes Képújság, Errorsearcher 1551 V2, Földrajz (Fodor Antal), Full Copy Plus/4, Hangközök, Háztartás-kalkuláció, Hipra Copy 1541, Hypa-load V3 1551, Katalog Maker, Life Of Pictures, Mágneses Indukció Számítása, MAT's Typewriter, Pluto, Scroll Writer II, Speed Assembler, Super Disk Monitor, Super Speed Loader, The Best Letter Writer / Tape, Uni Header, Dodo, Drakula Kastélya, Életjáték V1.2, Hanoi Torony, Kétlépéses Vagy Háromlépéses Mattfejtő, Kukacka, Lander, Logikai Játék, Memóriajáték, Souvenirs, Tekergő, Tenisz, Risiko Demo, Bekannte Bauwerke Aus Luebeck, Bomber Demo, Castle Demo, Digit Sounds, Impulse Mega 2, Microdemo II, Minifuck, Music Box 2 (Ati), Outrun II Demo, Party In Mezőkövesd, Poseidon Demo, Reincarnation 2, Sohase Mond, Terror Music Box, The Demo Of Mezőkövesd, Variációk Egy Témára.

And here's a list of the other nine lists, from the respective news: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-07If you enjoy listening to old-school music, check out Skoro's new YouTube video, featuring 2 hours of converted tunes![ comments ]

Lost Games Found
Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-06
Der kleine HobbitLet's start this year off! Welcome to Plus/4 World, where old BASIC games are never out of place. 264er_Fan purchased a disk collection from eBay, which had some previously unknown games on it. What luck!

Six of these come from Mark Lünnemann, a German programmer, who also wrote Pyramid Guy: Crack World, Dead of Night, Diamonds Man, Gallows Man, Sticknadel, Tunnel John.

The rest, making up the total 13 are: Bomb Man, Chicago (Strategy), Der kleine Hobbit, Doppelkopf, Monsterwall, Nono and Planspiel. Enjoy!
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YAPE 1.0.8
Posted by Luca on 2015-12-25
Did you notice the real ultimate xmas present of this year? YAPE 1.0.8 from Gaia! Download it from the official page.
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Posted by Csabo on 2015-12-25Unwrap one more present, this time a virtual one! A small LOD+ACE cooproduction: Merry Christmas 2015![ comments ]

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