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Welcome to Plus/4 World!
Posted by Luca on 2014-12-17Thanks to the friendly contribution by Giuseppe Di Lillo (sovox), the C16/MSX series hit a turning point to scans and TAPs completion.[ comment ]

Are You Ready To Xplode?
Posted by Luca on 2014-12-09
Xplode ManEXpect the eXplosive uneXpectable!
Our little scene still has some gaps in the game genres to fill up. One of those kind of games surely is represented by the 'Bomberman' fashioned games, and we all know attempts to do something on that way have been performed with very promising results in alpha phase (video 1, video 2), attempts which unfortunately did not reach a well deserved final release...

And just before the end of the year, who comes to save the day for the Bomberman fans? Yes, Assassins, mastering C16/Plus4 games zone, are now back, and Skoro is active again on the keys, equipped, as tradition wants, with the only Plus/4 assembler monitor to show you what the dieharder coders can do, even nowadays in the crossassemblers era!
Skoro's Xplode Man wins the prize for the first Plus/4 Bomberman, with 24 screens splitted in 4 zones to clean out and differently fast foes to set alight strategically placing your bombs. Level codes and vanity board will keep your interest high for a lot of time, we all shall meet here at Hall of Fame for sure! The game's charming graphics and overall design are another success by KiCHY, and the pretty sweet results are undeniably on screen. You just know who's missing to be named in order to regroup the terrible trio...yes, it's Csabo, who put in nice SFX and composed two of the most joyous tunes we heard ever on Plus/4, absolutely matching the gameplay.

The rhythm of play is targeted to a slow paced strategic setting, but we challenge all of you in keeping calm down when a faster foe approaches towards you thru the bricked walls and you've temporarily run out of bombs. So, let's see how you'll play your cards on the Xplode Man fields of play, challenge is now officially open. Good one, Skoro!
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SD2IEC SID Player V2.0
Posted by Csabo on 2014-12-04
SD2IEC SID Player V2.0Epy has just released a new version of his SID player. The functionality is largely unchanged, but it has been rewritten from scratch for better usability and an updated look. If you have an SD2IEC, and a SID card, this little utility is a must have. Check it out!
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Club Info 136
Posted by Csabo on 2014-12-02
Club Info 136Erich/Unlimited from Germany ushers us into December with the latest issue of Club Info. The 4th and final issue of this year, issue 136 is here for your viewing pleasure with a brand-new short intro. The magazine's format should be well-known to regular visitors: two disk-sides filled with German language articles, and new/recently released software.

If you're ready get into the Christmas mood this early, be sure to check out Christmas 2014: a (mostly) cute and long Petscii-Movie converted by Erich. There's also a new German utility included called Postgebuehren 2015, which contains the current postal charges in Germany. Last but not least, if you want to fire up Page-Setter on the good old Commodore Plus/4, there are hardware plans and the solution for Total Eclipse on the disk as well.

Cheers to Erich for this issue! Check it out and enjoy!
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Happy Birthday Csabo!
Posted by Luca on 2014-11-15
Smells Like Happy BirthdayIt's the 27th in November again, and I hope nobody out there is three times triskaidekaphobic, because...yes, today is the birthday of our beloved mate Csabo, leader of Legion of Doom!!

How many times the heroic co-maintainer of this honoured site has spent his precious slices of life, stealing'em from job, family, whatever, in order to keep Plus/4 World as much comfortable as possible for the sake of any single user of it? I mean, every of them, from the frequent sceners to the ones we'd see just one time and then never seen again around here? How many bugs have been fixed, how many new features have been added to the site's original structure, how many dramas had been shut off with smiles and wiseness? And has someone counted how many TED tunes went out from Csabo's ears and hands, for the releases of anyone out there? And why don't keep in count the pretty neat magazine intros Csabo has given away as presents in recent times? And who's that guy, which keeps upgraded the best Plus/4 dedicated development tools? Maybe the same guy that added one by one the outer sites' download links to the current pages here? Again the same guy that joins the minigame compos gaining prizes, that converts and fixes C64 adventure games, that even finds the time to accept the gauntlets to enter his scores into the Hall of Fame?

I remember that dude: once a day, he said to me:"Sometimes, you spend a lot of time in something that people won't even take the bore to try...". And he'd spoken these words, but to me it was absolutely clear that, although he was right about that, the joy he got in making his own stuff was inestimable beyond words to him!

The man deserves to hear all the voices in one big batch, in all the glory of one of the traditions the Plus/4 scene should reinstate: the birthday scrolltro! Does he deserve it for what we've written at the beginning? Oh well yes, it also does, but first of all he deserves a birthday scrolltro because he's Csabo and we know, love and respect him since long time.
And you really have to sit down with your tea and read for a long time, as this is a very long one, beating any previous scene's record, with idea, code and TED music by Luca and graphics by a weird 90's fashion ;)

What's left to say? Nothing, apart...happy birthday Csaba! From all of us, with all our love!
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Improving The Unimprovable
Posted by Luca on 2014-11-15
SVS-Calc 2.5How possible would be, to improve something that just went beyond any expectation, pushing the limit of a certain machine's environment far far away from what anybody could imagine?

Exactly after two years from the release of the powerful version 2.0, SVS as the serious and professional side of the FIRE crew throws an ultimate hit in order to definitely close the match, advancing the program which has been usually indicated as the highest in quality he did ever: SVS-Calc 2.5 is out now, and it looks like being the tool that candidates itself to become the most advanced on 8bit machines in its category!

Apart of the loooong list of fixed bugs, there's a huge amount of new features and improvements: complete usage for the Symbolic Names managing relative coordinates too, speed up video, Plus Graph / Plus Graph 2.0 total integration, new nasty-to-find easter eggs to spot out... Too many features, that's quite impossible to write'em all here, in facts there's a very long whatsnew.txt included in the package in order to keep track of the fresh new weaponry available in SVS-Calc 2.5. Some of the new characteristics are completely innovative and miss into the most known nowaday PC tools, like the PUT() option, the WHAT option available by menues or the recalculation counting in lthe eap years. So many news about the video output too, with the implementation of dedicated ML routines to speed it up, and several new customizable themes have been included too. The shiny instruction manual in .doc format will be your guide thru the most professional ways to use the tool, in order to maximize its efficiency.

Congrats goes to SVS, who worths big respect for winning his challenge to improve something that sincerely would seem to be out of further improvement. And now, it's SVS-Calc 2.5!
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Posted by SVS on 2014-11-10DirMaster arrived to 3.0.0 version. The update came from August but it seems haven't be noticed. This PC utility is a must, allowing all the functions you dream to/from a disk (tape) image. [ comment ]

YAPE 1.0.6 out
Posted by Gaia on 2014-11-03
In what is probably the shortest interval between new releases in years, YAPE 1.0.6 was published a couple of days ago. While 1.0.5 has become the Windows Vista of YAPE, this new release hopefully becomes its Windows 7. Here is the full lowdown:
  • direction controllers (D-PAD or 'POV' buttons) can now, too, be used as joystick
  • fullscreen mode made ALT+TAB friendly
  • occasional crashes on some machines with small border mode on
  • assembler bug in 64 bit build ironed out (thanks to Luca for pointing it out)
  • minor fixes
Head on over to the official page for the download. Link:
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Happy Halloween!
Posted by Csabo on 2014-11-01
HalloweenChronos/Absence is here with a little surprise for the Plus/4 demo scene: Halloween! The picture is the first one drawn by him on his brand new drawing tablet (a birthday present - happy belated birthday from all of us!). Let's hope the tablet gets more use in the future. For now, enjoy the halloween colors and the spooky SID music!
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Posted by Luca on 2014-10-29We talked about it, then played it and talked again...until Pin Point +4MF 101% [PAL/NTSC] has popped out![ comments ]

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