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28 years ago today!
Kresz Lámpák - Game Screen
Kresz Lámpák

26 years ago today!
Stupid Demo - Demo Screen
Stupid Demo

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Welcome to Plus/4 World!
"Video Basic" Killed The Archive Stall
Posted by Luca on 2018-01-15
Video BasicIt's Giuseppe Di Lillo (sovox) time again.

We just preserved the whole Video Basic series, archived in one single page where to download the related 20 (!) TAP files; now, any issue has its own regular space, completed with cover scans and tape pictures, and any single issue has been linked to its own 36 pages manual in PDF, big work indeed!
Computer Games E Utilities N.9 Anno 2 got the same treatment: the whole tape in its TAP file, cassette picture, any single program now present in the archive as TAP file too, and the manual in PDF. Last, Il Libro Dei Giochi Per Commodore 16 E Plus/4 has its own TAP, cover and tape picture, and this takes to recover two lost games: Flipper Cinese and Mondo Di Colori.

The cooperation with Giuseppe and his fantastic homepage dedicated to the Italian newsstand's compilations of hacked games is running wild beyond any expectation, thank you once again, bud!
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YAPE SDL Updated!
Posted by Csabo on 2018-01-10
YAPE SDLGaia just updated the YAPE SDL project. This code is also the base of the fantastic JavaScript emulator, and the new version of that is now online here at Plus/4 World! (Look for the [PLAY ONLINE] links on program pages.) The biggest visual difference you will see is the ability to handle more FLI effects. Be sure check it out, big cheers to Gaia!
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Sweet DFLI C16
Posted by Csabo on 2018-01-08
Sweet DFLI C16Looks like 2018 is certainly off to a good start, as the good news just keep on coming. A new intro from gerliczer has just arrived; check out Sweet DFLI C16! It should run on any 264 family computer as it only needs 16K memory, and has PAL/NTSC versions. The music is a cover of Chuck Berry's Sweet Little Sixteen. As the name suggests, it has a DFLI effect, which is put to good use: waving rasters, 3D rasters and a twister. Check it out and enjoy!
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Posted by Csabo on 2018-01-07SJL264 Light has just been updated to V0.3 - the loader now works with 16K/32K/64K, as well as NTSC machines. Cheers, BSZ![ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2018-01-05The second release of 2018 is here: Firedance Digi from Blinddarm![ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2018-01-04We stilll have some winter holidays, let's spend them in family playing bingo with the C16: Boray Bingo (eng/swe).[ comment ]

2017 - A Year In Review
Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-31
Another year has gone by... Wouldn't it be fun to sum it all up from the Commodore Plus/4's point of view? Yes? Then here we go!

Let's start with emulators: while we are happy that VICE and plus4emu each got an update this year, YAPE is leading the way here. After 6 big updates in 2017, Gaia is still around polishing this gem, adding the little feature requests that the hardcore users keep coming up with. His JavaScript emulator also got updated this year, I have to re-iterate that being able to run Plus/4 stuff right in the browser is pretty sweet stuff.

Our site had one big update, we can now properly handle Hungarian accented chars (őrült jó :-)). Our collection reached 10000 entries. Otherwise we count 78 releases this year, the highest in 10 years. Way to go Plus/4 Scene! Let's see it broken down by categories.

Games: Slipstream from BKN is the big hit of 2017, a 3D space-shooter that pushes the machine's capabilities to the limits. This game saw a commercial release as well. We have several other cool games to enjoy: Skoro dropped Mr. Mind, Megastyle surprised us with Athanor, and under "G" we can file... Genius (and it's sequel), Galli +4 and Gunfright. BASIC games are still a thing too; Castle Matcher saw its final release, Tetravex, Assembloids, Bomb Runner 2, Boray Gammon, Shield Command just to name a few.

Demos: Unfortunately no big releases this year, but we're not left empty handed! Genesis Project released Flickerfish. I was happy to see that TLT is back this year with 2 digi demos. Larry released Dreamtime 2K17, a nice picture show that generated some buzz at this year's Arok party. Otherwise we saw a massive influx of gfx releases, including lots of nice PETSCII stuff as well. MMS was very active this year, having worked on 9 releases. George released many converted pictures as well, plus some MIDI music conversions, his 16 releases make up 20% of this year's total.

...And The Rest: Erich continues to work on Club Info. BSZ+bubis unleashed Bitfire+4, and we also have SJL264 Light. After a long hiatus, we're happy to see that JamesC was active this year with some releases. On that note, let the spotlight shine on Charlemagne for a moment, as I believe he deserves a special mention. As a newly added member this year, having found our site he gave us his old archives, and then continued to develop stuff: two games and a new utility. We're all happy to have see this kind of enthusiasm and productivity. Cheers!

Is there any other important stuff I've forgotten? What was your favourite part of 2017? Discuss on the forums and of course: Happy New Year!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-27Two new Hungarian entries, courtesy of Lacus: Ki Jut Az Erdőbe? (long time missing educational game), and BASIC Tanácsadó C-16 Plus/4: a book plus the accompanying cassette. Check it out![ comment ]

It's a Christmas Miracle!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-25
Ho-ho-ho, it's Christmas! Santa has finally arrived in town, Merry Christmas 2017!

Megastyle wishes you Merry Christmas with their brand new release: Old Xmas Joke Go Petscii!

264er_fan has just released a new game, check out Shield Command!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-21Charlemagne's Christmas present is here: check out Castaway![ comments ]

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