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Welcome to Plus/4 World!
Posted by Csabo on 2015-05-20The very rare cover artwork for the game Dudaorru Patric has been added to our collection, thanks to Gabucino. Enjoy![ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2015-05-17Looter is a new unexpected action game working within 32K machines, coded by OnlineProf2010 as a porting of C code from C64. Give it a try![ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2015-05-17Litwr has released the 4th version of his ultimate Conway's study Xlife (in conjunction with the BK-0011 version). It's twice as fast, with better pseudo-color option, blinking cursor, general improvements and support for the 4th version of Notepad+4.[ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2015-05-17Chronos entered the graphics compo at QB Party 2015 with Cateye, a multicolor picture, ranked 2nd or 3rd, representing his beloved cat JŠnos.[ comment ]

HVTC Update May 2015
Posted by Luca on 2015-05-11
It's springtime, and once again May is the month when High Voltage TED Collection, aka HVTC, improves with its traditional update! And the timing is pretty perfect: we really have the need to close this HVTC release, in prospect of the first bunch of tunes composed with the brand new tool Knaecketraecker.

426 single files overall means a +36 files compared to the previous. These new ones come from very different sources, either from the newer productions (like Csabo's tunes from Xplode Man, or the prize winning Rocket Science OST composed by Degauss) and from obscure ancient releases (the surprising player from Master Mind (ICE), or some unassigned tunes found in The Super-Writer).
Various fixes have also been applied, some tunes composed by Ern0 now have their right name, some game tunes have been renamed in order to allow the adding of new related files (Rockman, ‹rpůk), and some other have got a better playable file (TED Storm, Trouble For Bubble).

Don't forget to completely delete the whole previous collection (that's the way to do at any new update!), then download/unzip the new one!
This is the straight link to the ZIP file.
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Posted by Csabo on 2015-05-10The #138 issue of the long lasting German diskmag Club-Info has been just released:[ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2015-05-04Another dozen of Italian tapes has been included, mostly hacks, plus Master Color which is an original game, that completes the whole C.S.P. Microgame range! More to come, soon...[ comment ]

Mr Angry Dude Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2015-04-25
Mr Angry DudeLooks like Christmas is coming early to the Plus/4 Scene. This month has been nothing short of amazing: Majesty Of Sprites, PetDraw, Knaecketraecker, Blubb - and if you think April is over, think again. With that little intro, let's get to the release at hand...

Regular forum readers probably already know about the new game: Mr Angry Dude. Well, now it's public and official, the game is out, stop reading this and go play! Still here? Okay then. The game is a platformer, in which you control the titular character, Mr Angry Dude, who is indeed a dude, and presumably angry (although the game doesn't provide a backstory as to why that is). While playing, you can listen to the self-described "most annoying music ever". In the game, 8 levels await you with some interesting mechanics - the kind which is much harder to describe than to show. It's definitely something unique, even the first level (which is meant to be simple and introductory) will be a challenge to complete, until one figures out what's going on.

All in all, it's a polished game and wonderful addition to our scene, go play it now and be sure to provide feedback on our forums!
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Posted by Luca on 2015-04-24After some days of deep debugging, Andreas Steffen tested his skills as rookie assembly coder releasing the sweet action game Blubb.[ comment ]

Knaecketraecker: First TEDsound Tracker Ever!
Posted by Luca on 2015-04-22
KnaecketraeckerYear after year, era after era, anybody who decided to create something that would run on a C16 or Plus/4, had to deal with that horrible questionmark: what with the audio stuff?

We tried anything. We tried to use rudimentary music editors like Sequential Circuit or Music Editor or Music-16 trying to keep us away from playing like an alarm clock; we tried the BASIC commands, but the results were...basic too; we tried to use the samples like in Rock Editor V1.3 but the screen had to get off when playing and the memory got wasted; then, we've stolen the best tunes from the commercial games, and somebody else had coded his own player, say Ern0, but that spaghetti code would be quite far from being spreaded in the scene. We've stolen and reduced the SID files to be played by two poor voices, then mixed to seem like three, sometimes with unhearable results, sometimes composing music on converted C64 editors just to have a working tool...eventually playing on 2 voices only; we've followed this way, using little slices of digitized SID audio to improve the quality, but the rastertime went away like hot cakes. When crossplatform tools made inroads, somebody coded his own TEDsound music player, and the code has been easily distributed as source, but the usage of those tools often looked like obscure and difficult, hence only few dudes did challenge the beast obtaining their results.

We tried anything, but now we can stop doing with what we have, because times are changing again!
As promised days before, Degauss/TEK has just released the Protracker-ish tool he used to compose the music for masterpieces like the multiprized Rocket Science and the incoming Majesty Of Sprites. Ladies, gentlemen, here it is: Knaecketraecker!

Knaecketraecker version 0.2b is the first proper crossplatform TEDsound tracker ever. It allows editable multispeed, partial and global playback via TEDplay (included in the installation package), .ASM/.BIN/.PRG file exporting, single instruments I/O in order to build up your own sound database, virtual 3rd voice editing, claviature mimicking to easily enter the notes and many other friendly features. It comes with a brief manual and several example tunes.
Classic trackers' experts out there shall have no difficulties to easily understand it and bring out the best in Knaecketraecker, whereas a certain training time is needed to beginners and to editors' addicted, just to get accustomed to the usage of pattern lines vs. groove in order to get out the best from it, especially using the virtual 3rd channel at its best.

If someone didn't read the relative thread in the forum, Degauss has released this great tool under the request of Mad/BKN, who announced the needing of contributions in order to have the game music to be included in the final release of his Majesty Of Sprites. Hence, time has come, to learn all the inner secrets of Knaecketraecker, show what you're able to do with it and join the BKN's great job!

Thanks again to Degauss for having placed another milestone along the path in the history of our beloved Plus/4. And now, time's ticking out, download Knaecketraecker and start handling it as a real pro. Show us your real potential dealing with TEDsound!
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