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Landing In The Village - Demo Screen
Landing In The Village

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Welcome to Plus/4 World!
Posted by Luca on 2017-05-23Bitglamour has donated Stop Mat / Golf Mania, Out Of Law and Scacchi / Dama tapes. Meanwhile, the first bunch of a gigantic acquisition by sovox is here: scans and TAPs of C16/MSX 29, and issues 29 30 31 35 39 in Go Games series. More to come...[ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-05-10Hardware rarities from Rob Clarke's activity: a late Commodore 264 model mounting Micro Illustrator as candidate software, and a very early Plus/4 (serial AA1 000023) used to gain FCC approval commented by Bil Herd.[ comments ]

Trackloader For The Masses Not The Classes!
Posted by Luca on 2017-05-05
Do you wanna put up your stunning trackmo but you're tired and sick to fight against weird coding environments discouraging your efforts like hell? Now you can trackload your stuff in style and 1541 compatibility (1551 in a near future?)!

Bubis/RSC and BSZ/NST have just ported on Plus/4 one of the most famous C64 packages to manage your trackloadable releases: Bitfire+4 is a fixed interleave loadersystem with depacker, a basic framework and an image writing tool, all in one! It comes with these main features:
- resident part: $0200-$03FF;
- zeropage: $04-$09;
- 2bit ATN double clock receiver;
- load raw, load+decomp, decomp routines;
- Basic IRQ handler for music, frame counter, partial SID detection;
- Win32 and Plus/4 binaries, ACME cross-assembler, include files and macros;
- simple code example and Win32 build script.

It's easy to use for anyone, it mixes trackloading for executables and levelpacked code with generic files and BAM editing by protecting the used sectors; it also marks up to 16 different disksides to be recognized when needed, it really does what you need. Download it here to give it a well deserved try.
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Gunfright Goes V1.10
Posted by Luca on 2017-05-01
GunfrightLess than one month passed, and the converting duo Rob and emu has released a tweaked version of the ZX Spectrum isometric classic Gunfright, with an enhanced intro picture redrawn by STE'86, well known graphics pioneer in the C64 history.
Don't miss to download Gunfright V1.10, in single SID and TED versions again or both into a D64 image. New source also included.
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Mr. Mind!
Posted by Chronos on 2017-04-29
April ends well, or should we say that May is off to a good start? Little assassins climbed in through Chronos's chimney stack in the night and left behind a floppy disk in a bulky envelope.

While scanning through the contents of the disc, the assassins' intention became clear: They want to tied us down in front of our good old Commodore for hours once again.

The game is called Mr. Mind, it uses the rules and of the classic mastermind game turned into a bit of an arcade in a very entertaining way. Virtually an infinite amount of time can be spent with it, be careful, it's very addictive!

The program does not require any hardware expansion.

Available on compact disk or cassette in a store near you! Have fun!
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HVTC Update April 2017
Posted by Luca on 2017-04-19
The High Voltage TED Collection, better known as HVTC, reaches 544 single files, and recover the two missing tunes composed by Degauss for Crackers' Demo 5!

27 brand new files added and some few ones fixed/moved/renamed (and the heaven knows how much Treasure Island really needs a fix to better choose between the tunes!); some complete services like Genius (including the super hidden level 81 tune!) and Slipstream, some brand new exclusives like 5tarbuck's Woodymania, some oldie-goldies we'd incredibly missed like Hektik's jingles. Add-ups and linking to the archive will be completed in a very short time.

Don't forget to completely delete the whole previous collection (that's the way to do at any new update!), then download/unzip the new one!
This is the straight link to the ZIP file.
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YAPE 1.1.2 Is Here...
Posted by Gaia on 2017-04-14
YAPE 1.1.2... with the usual bunch of bugfixes and improvements:
  • CPU and TED timing improvements
  • some more monitor improvements
  • regression bug related to cancelling the autostart dialog fixed
  • AltGr got stuck in Message Queue based input mode
  • failing OpenGL mode crash fixed
  • speech quality regression fix
Head on over to the download page for your copy!
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Posted by Luca on 2017-04-05Somebody complained about playing a classic like Loco-coco with the keyboard only, giving to Luca the chance to release Loco-coco +3J [PAL/NTSC].[ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-04-02
GunfrightRod and Emu writes: "Gunfright is now available for the Plus4. Mariuszw has done another excellent Z80 to 6502 conversion for the Atari 800 which this is based on. Both TED sound & SID Card sound versions are available. We hope you enjoy the conversion!"
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-03-30
10000Ten thousand programs on Plus/4 World! What a milestone!

The last time we had an announcement like this was back in 2004, reporting 5000. That was a little over 12 years and 4512 days ago, so on average, we've added about one program per day since. What is the 10000th program you may ask? Well, it's a GTW: Lemmings - that ID has been reserved for it a long time ago. To rain on our own parade a little: the way we count things is a bit strange: we have 6 different cracks of ACE 2 lumped together as one "program", but we list Kichy's conversion of Storm +4 which has 3 versions as 3 separate entities. Well, it is what it is, not perfect, but it's still nice to step back, look at this nice round number and feel a little proud of ourselves.

With that, I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who worked on the site, sent in programs, cover scans, TAP files, information, or used our forum to keep the site alive!
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