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27 years ago today!
The King's Testament - Game Screen
The King's Testament

11 years ago today!
Aesthetically Unpleasant Assembler Programming Exercise - Demo Screen
Aesthetically Unpleasant...

Covers of the day
Torpedo Run
Torpedo Run

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Welcome to Plus/4 World!
Posted by Erich on 2018-04-20Check out Galerie Unlimited 7, a co-production from Data-Land and Erich.[ comment ]

New Game: Magic Blocks
Posted by RKSoft on 2018-04-11
Magic BlocksMagic BlocksMagic Blocks is an arcade style game for Commodore 16/116 (64KB RAM) Plus/4 and Commodore 128. Help the little wizard Archimedes to learn creating and destroying magic blocks, grab the key and leave the screen by entering the door. At some rooms you need creativity to use the magic blocks and at some others you must find a short way to the key and the door before the time runs out. The game comes with 16 levels. On our lovely 264er machine it runs very fast for a BASIC game. Both versions (128 and 264) are identical except the speed and different colors.
The download includes the source code. If you have some optimizations etc., please let me know. Have fun with this little game.

Grab a copy at my website!
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Masters Of The PETSCIIverse
Posted by Luca on 2018-03-21
He-Man & Friends C16Even a funny online scene episode may become a source of outstanding creations to release, and Mermaid doesn't miss the chance to unleash once again her own art with PETSCII.

In the past months, she did show how an extended palette like the Plus/4 one can improve her skillful usage of the rawest side of 8bit graphics, describing big subjects in the powerful environment of 121 colors. Now this is different, because any individual character of the Grayskull posse has been exalted and described thru his own discrete materials, colors and shapes in some minimal detalis sincerely never seen in previous PETSCII builds. Mermaid never ends to amaze us.

A little G*P+FIRE release for you, graphics by Mermaid, code by Luca, frq converter by TLC. Enjoy!
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YAPE 1.1.6 now out!
Posted by Gaia on 2018-03-18
This year's first release of YAPE brings you all the usual fixes, some TED improvements and new functionalities including:

  • added Hungarian KERNAL version to the machine setup
  • MTAP pulse length correction in the 'Tape head adjust' dialog
  • option to confirm writing back changes to disk images
  • couple of TED improvements
  • regression bug when switching to fullscreen mode from windowed GDI mode fixed

Get it from its usual location.
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Club Info 149!
Posted by Erich on 2018-03-08
Club Info 149Yo Plus/4 World,

Here is the newest issue of Club Info. New stuff for you:
1. Frohe Ostern! (a Petscii from me)
2. Torte. Mono / Multicolor. Torte / Hardcopy. 1 & 2 / Version. Plus4 (these programs belong together)
3. S.Plus4Int.28A&B (maps for the hardware)
4. S.Athanor Map 1&2 + Clues (solution and maps in page setter size)
5. Muenzwurfspiel (from Rüdiger Baumann)

Have a good time. Greetings: Erich
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HVTC Update February 2018
Posted by Luca on 2018-02-26
Mostly due to the last releases, the High Voltage TED Collection, better known as HVTC, has been updated, reaching 608 single files and fixing 3 instances.

Don't forget to completely delete the whole previous collection (that's the way to do at any new update!), then download/unzip the new one!
This is the straight link to the ZIP file.
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It's Now Time For "Pets Rescue"!
Posted by Luca on 2018-02-24
Pets RescueNine months passed since Mad/BKN started a thread in the forum about the chance to begin converting some famous games to run on Commodore Plus/4. The so called conversion did early become a game from scratch with some recognisable style, precisely: a platform in Giana's style. After these nine months of painful but passionate work, Pets Rescue has finally seen the light!

She's Dr. Andrea Brown, but all the people name her "Afro Dree", as she uses to entertain their puppies by singing and dancing. Her bigger mistake? To choose her co-workers very badly! And now, the whole county has been invaded by ex-pets under evil mutation; so: it's time to set'em all free, Dr. Dree! The Plus/4 All Stars crew invite all of you to enter this big quest lying in one single disk side, along 20 levels splitted in 5 worlds full of mean creatures, brave jumps, moving platforms, coins to collect, secrets to reveal and much much more! You get one password per world once you solved it, so don't loose your hopes even against the higher difficulties, where you must express your best platformer's performances.

Pets Rescue
Technically speaking, Mad has allowed the Plus/4 to show exactly the stuff that would have proverbially been deny to it due to the well known specifics of the machine, and the solutions he did find for his code mark another quantum leap in the TED history. Give an experienced graphician and game map's builder to a skilled coder, and the game simply takes off: KiCHY/ASN has designed some very enjoyable game levels with graphic blocks in fancy colours and shapes. It's 5tarbuck at the tracker, composing most of the ingame tunes, together with Luca/FIRE and Degauss/TEK; and the latter two also have also been in charge for all the sprites (Luca) and the music driver (Degauss). Seen that stunning intro picture in overscan MFLI 248 pixels high, and the relative titlescreen's logo? Exactly, it's Carrion! And Nero added his art too. Have you just tried to load the game? Lightspeed, isn't it? Do you still have some technical questions for bubis and BSZ/NST, now that the game loads from both 1541 and 1551 drives?

Pets Rescue has been presented at BCC #12 party held in Berlin, challenging in the Mixed compo. Though the whole game almost fills an entire disk side, and the main part occupies all the memory but 14 (!) bytes left, there will be a commercial release in some months, predictably distributed by Psytronik Software. Rumors say that the commercial release could show some little bonuses here and there, and Carrion himself will draw the box cover...rumors say! ;)

Enough said, we think it's now time to connect your most friendly joystick and stop appreciating the efforts in coding graphics or whatever else; give the real best prize wanted for a game like this, give it your greatest scores. Play Pets Rescue!
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Posted by Luca on 2018-02-17Boray has just released Dir Plus, a fast SD2IEC browser based on SJL264 Light with many features (copy, search, rename...).[ comments ]

New Map From Atisoft!
Posted by Csabo on 2018-02-12
Atisoft (who created the Booty Map) is back with another one, this time it's for SQIJ. SQIJ is a C16 game from The Power House, perhaps it's a bit of a stretch to call it a classic. It's from the heyday of commercial C16 games, but it's perhaps a bit obscure. If you've written it off as a mindless shooter at first glance, this map will perhaps convince you to give the game another chance. The game's area is quite large - 64 screens, and you will need some planning ahead if you want to complete it. The map should really help to plan out the route.

Check it out (direct link to the map) and enjoy!
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Big Cover Update From Lacus!
Posted by Csabo on 2018-02-08
Keresztcsere SzoliterLacus got his hands on tons of new tapes, which means our archive gets some new additions. A lot of missing gaps were filled; cassette photos added for: A Hős Lovag, Észvesztő Útvesztő, Music-16, Űrtojások. Same for Marsall, plus TAP image as well. For 21-es, the back cover was added.

Even better, we have some brand new stuff added! Here's the list:
* Assembler + Szimulátor: a programming utility with 5 programs.
* Basic Elastic (or BASelastIC): two BASIC utilities
* Flopp: TAP file, covers and cassette photo added
* Keresztcsere Szoliter: a compilation of two never-before-seen games
* Pandográf: TAP file, cover and cassette photo added
* Sejtautomaták: a new Conway's Game of Life program
* Igenévragozás and Lineáris És Abszolútérték Függvény: two new educational program.

Hopefully you'll find something interesting in that list :-) Big thanks to Lacus for these!
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