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Mysterious Adventures
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Perseus & Andromeda (Crown)
Title:Perseus & Andromeda (Crown)
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:B., Tibor (Crown)
Notes:Mysterious Adventure #9
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Plus/4 World
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  External links:
    ZX Spectrum release
    Atari 8bit release
    C64 release

User Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes)
Perseus & Andromeda (Crown) Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 72

Solutions - Hints
How do I help the beggar?
How can I get some water?
You can GET WATER from the shallow pool on the clearing if you have the sack.
How do I get the helmet from the statue?
THROW DISCUS - at what? - AT STATUE, but examine the statue first.
What do I do with the Stone Dais in Athene's temple?
Climb up onto it: GO DAIS.
I've picked up everything I could, examined everything, and there's nowhere else to go!
It's easy to get stuck. Once you have the sandals, wear them, GO PEDESTAL in the temple and WAIT.
How do I kill the hyena?
GIVE him the BERRY that you find in the thorn bush, it will kill him.
How do I help the peasant?
Give him fruit from the fruit tree.
How do I get the fruit?
Be sure to WEAR the SANDALS and just WAIT, you will fly up.
How do I get the silver halter?
CLIMB up onto the TEMPLE before getting there, and SPREAD the NET. This will stop the harpies.
I got the eye of the Grairie, but they killed me!
You must WEAR the HELMET so that you become invisible.
What do I do with the eye?
Just GIVE the EYE back, the will show you a crack in the wall.
How do I kill the Medusa?
CUT MEDUSA. Make sure you have the sword from the peasant.
The Pegasus keeps throwing me off!
You must FIT the HALTER on him before you can ride him.

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