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Mysterious Adventures
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Escape From Pulsar 7 (Crown)
Title:Escape From Pulsar 7 (Crown)
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:B., Tibor (Crown)
Additional Coded by:S., László (Lavina)
Additional Graphics by:N., Tibor (Harry)
Notes:Mysterious Adventure #5. Converted version with pictures. Released on GOTU Megadisk II.
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    C64 release
    ZX Spectrum release

User Rating: 6/10 (2 votes)
Escape From Pulsar 7 (Crown) Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
GOTU Megadisk II
Club Info 79

Solutions - Hints
How do I get out of the first area?
Through the vent from one of the bunks.
I died by choking on dust!
This happens in random, just try again or save right before going into the vent.
I closed the door and 'something happened'. What was that exactly?
When you close the door, the auto-pillow appears in the bunk. GO to the BUNK and MOVE the PILLOW.
What do I do with the circuit board?
At the console, GO CONSOLE and PLUG BOARD.
I pressed a button on the console and 'something happened'. What was that exactly?
Near the end of the game in the emergency airlock, there's a RED BUTTON, pressing the WHITE one on the console makes it work.
Where can I find a light source?
It's the dull rod found under the couch in the first room. TURN ROD.
What do I do with the piece of wood?
You must have the screwdriver blade also, then FIX SCREWDRIVER.
What's the hammer for?
To smash open the locker door.
How can I open the locker?
You must have the hammer with you: USE HAMMER.
I found a wreckage, examined it and nothing. Can't go in either. What do I do?
I still can't find anything inside the wreckage!
What do I do with the grill?
REMOVE GRILL, you must have the screwdriver.
What do I do at the hole?
How do I fix the lathe?
FIX LATHE, but you must have the cable with you.
Where do I find the cable?
From the wreckage: GO BUNK, EXAMINE CEILING, REMOVE GRILL (with screwdriver), JUMP.
How do I fix the oven?
Once you have the SQUARE BLOCK and the LATHE is fixed, TURN SQUARE (becomes round) then FIX OVEN.
How do I get rid of the creature?
BAKE a CAKE and GIVE him the CAKE.
How do I bake a cake?
You must fix the oven, and have the cake tin, bottle of water, flour and raisin (from larder) and white tablets (which are sleeping pills; from the captains bunk), then MIX CAKE, BAKE CAKE.
I found a red button, but when I press it nothing happens!
You must press the white button on the console for this button to work.

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