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Mysterious Adventures
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Feasibility Experiment (Crown)
Title:Feasibility Experiment (Crown)
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:B., Tibor (Crown)
Notes:Mysterious Adventure #7. Converted version with pictures.
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    ZX Spectrum release
    C64 release

User Rating: 5.3/10 (3 votes)
Feasibility Experiment (Crown) Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 75

Solutions - Hints
I got a shovel but I can't dig anywhere with it.
When the game asks "How?", that's not a reply of denial. It actually means it. You have to type in "WITH SHOVEL". Or don't use the DIG command at all, just type USE SHOVEL.
I tried to pick up the brazier and died.
You'll need some hand protection that you will find later.
I examined the scree and died in an avalanche.
Just stay away from that place, it's not needed in the game.
When I visit the emperor, the guards kill me!
They won't if you slay the lion for him.
How do I kill the lion?
The sword is not enough, you will have to find a better weapon.
I still can't kill the lion!
You need to have the scimitar with you, KILL LION.
Where can I find the scimitar?
You must have the amulet and the diamond with you, then PRAY at the altar.
Where am I supposed to store the treasures?
There's a hidden place behind the ice cave...
I still can't find the place to store the treasures!
WEAR the GAUNTLET you find near the altar. GET the BRAZIER, drop it in the cave. WAIT.
How do I open the studded door?
Dig north from the rocks, twice. You'll find one treasure and then an iron key, which opens the door.
I can't light the lamp!
You will have to FIX the LAMP first.
I can't fix the lamp!
The wick is missing. After you melt your way into the cave, GET the BRAZIER again and DROP it in the tunnel.
I fixed the lamp but I still can't light it!
You will have to FILL the LAMP, once you have the CAN, which is behind the studded door. You will also need the FLINT and the BLOCK.
How do I kill the guard?
You must have the dagger with you, KILL GUARD.
I can't open the door on level 5!
The key for it is "under" the gladiator. Once you kill the gladiator, USE SHOVEL.
How do I kill the dragon?
You must have the SPEAR and the IXION shield, KILL DRAGON.

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