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Bobs in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - Bobs
NameRelease DateNotesItemsItem sizeColor modeFrame rate
Oldschool2006-11-19375x5 pixels  
Long Hours1994-02-22Manageable by cursor keys.505x5  
Legend Of MC1993346x6 pixels  
Imagine Megademo19927 bobs over a logo7   
Bob Passion1991328x8 px  
Digital Delight 31991-03-1528 characters with digi, the shape spells out "220", quite close to a DXYCP.28   
Yet199153x3 charsMCM 
5 Years Pluvi Party Celebration1993184  1
Skoro Demo 101996-05-17Changeable parameters.328x8  
Skoro Demo 101996-05-17Vector bobs.138x8  
LOD Is Back2003-09-05308x8  
Crackers' Demo 21991-049   
Overture1991Press SHIFT to change table.83x3 pixel  
Genetic Faulty1995-12-03    
High Technology199216   
Crackers' Demo 42005-08-1016 Multicolor bitmap 
H├íziasan2008-02-23  Zoom4 
Killer 22005-04-12    
Stukas Over Disneyland1990-06-093D-like usage, several sizes.    
Metapharstic 80%2003-07-05Bobswriting.    
Blue Keeps1990-08-12Bobswriting.    
Imagine Megademo199210   
Long Hours1994-02-22Over DXPP.    
EVS 2 Years1992-04-01Erupting from a volcano.12   
EVS 2 Years1992-04-0130   
First Demo (TLC)1992-04-22Bobswriting.    
Now & Forever1993Two different bobs sizes.    
Now & Forever199332   
MB Megademo1990-03-15With some bugs.17   
Crackers' Demo1990Pseudo-3D.    
Visual Atmosphera1993Called "sprites" with no reasons, as they don't run over a background.2   
Expectation 22005-09-02    
Total LethargyUnknown38   
Last Demo By Doky1991-04-05Various sizes, pseudo-3D.    
Party Demo19927   
Great Change1991-02-0618   
Disk Wars1992-08-23Press COMMODORE to change effect.1566x4 pixels  
Monitor2008-08-24Several sizes.    
Sexual Disease1994-04-2915   
Sexual Disease1994-04-29"THE END" bobs logo.    
Mental Hangover1992-07-2920   
Molecule Editor V1.101992-04-22Programmable.    
Elf's First1992-12-12A flickering "THE END" bobs logo.    
Magic Inspiration1991-01-12Water reflection. 2x2 charsMCM 
Plastic Dreams19931805x4 pixels  
220 Volt Demo1991-03-1292x2 charsMCM 
3D Balls1991-07-01Pseudo 3D objects.    
Front Page #0011993-10-19Pseudo-3D.8 Hires 
SCN News 26Unknown246x6Hires 
States United2011-04-23Used in fake 3D with transparency.  Zoom4 
Rolling Stones1994-03-30With fake 3D animation to manage by: CRSR keys, X, Y, V, L.15 HiRes Videomatrix. 
Explosive Net1994-11-17Moving as a big "NET" rotating word.    
Magic Balls1990-12Bobswriting.    
GotchaUnknown182x2 chars  
Flashback2014-02-12Not XORed.163x3 chars  
Syndrome1993-06-27Non XORed.153x3 chars  
Overture1991Press Shift to change sinus table.8   
Impulse Mega 21992-05-20Bobscroller.    
16 KBytes2012-07-08Cyber bobs.    
We Are Back2006-07-29Cyber bobs.    
8 Shades Of Black2006-08-18Cyber bobs.    
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30    
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30Non-crossing.18   
70 found.

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