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Norbert K. (Noro)
Type:Scene member
First Name:Norbert
Last Name:K.
Country: Germany
Email: nkintzler(at)gmx dot net
Total posts:80 (Last post: 3 years)

Releases by K., Norbert (Noro)
Space Paint
1 release(s).

TitleVersionCategoryPlatformLast updatedActive
D64 Plugin for Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander)0.1.1D64 UtilitiesWindows2001-03-26No
1 found.

16 images submitted
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Game Map), Berks 3 (Game Map), Bounder (Game Map), Fire Ant (Game Map), Future Knight (Game Map), Ghost Town (Game Map), Kikstart (Game Map), Monty On The Run (Game Map), Mr. Puniverse (Game Map), Pin Point (Game Map, Game Map), Rescue From Zylon (Game Map), Terra Cognita (Game Map), Thrust (Game Map), Tom Thumb (Game Map Preview), XCellor8 (Game Map)
16 found.

Auf Wiedersehen Monty
[ Download ]
File size: 118 KB. Created in 2000 August.
Berks 3
[ Download ]
File size: 108 KB. Created in 2000 June.
Ghost Town
[ Download ]
File size: 150 KB. Created in August 2000.
Monty On The Run
[ Download ]
File size: 132 KB. Created in 2000 August.
Mr. Puniverse
[ Download ]
File size: 112 KB. Create in 2000 June.
Pin Point
[ Download ]
File size: 128 KB. Created in 2000 June.
[ Download ]
File size: 50 KB. Created in 2002.
Tom Thumb
[ Download ]
File size: 231 KB.
Fire Ant
[ Download ]
File size: 65 KB.
Rescue From Zylon
[ Download ]
File size: 17 KB.
[ Download ]
File size: 128 KB. Created on 2002-05-18.
[ Download ]
File size: 111 KB.
Terra Cognita
[ Download ]
File size: 370 KB.
Future Knight
[ Download ]
File size: 180 KB. Created in 2003.
[ Download ]
File size: 202 KB. Created in 2003.
Pin Point
[ Download ]
File size: 128 KB. Created in 2014 November.
16 found.

My Story
I was born and grew up in Slovakia. My very first computer was a C116 with datasette which I got in december 1986 from a relative in W. Germany. It was fantastic! As I had no games for it and also did not know anyone else with this machine (the most popular computers were Sinclair Spectrum and Atari 800), I wrote my first own pacman-like BASIC game after 2 weeks and spent many hours playing and improving it. A couple of months later I found some guys with a C116 around my home town and got my first games from them: Xargon Wars, Guslinger, Berks 3, Mr. Puniverse and Squirm. They were absolutely amazing! Berks 3 became my absolute favourite and I made together with my mother a complete map on paper! I was playing and my mom was drawing every detail from the screen. So this was the root of my current Plus/4 mapmaking passion.

Later I got a Plus4 and a 1551 disk drive and much more games, and in 1989 I got a C128D. It was very amazing and I spent much time with it (mostly programming), but although I had much more C64 games and they also had better sound and graphics quality, the Plus/4 games stayed my real favourites.

In 1990 I moved to Dresden, Germany for my study and I still live there. I got my first PC (it was Commodore PC-20 with ~10 MHz, 20MB HDD and a monochrome monitor), and my good old Plussy stayed in Slovakia so I had nearly no contact with it for about 5-6 years. After I moved to my own appartment I got my Plus4 to Germany and I wanted to remake some of the best classics for the PC (meantime with a Pentium-75). I started with Thrust but I never finished it.

Later I found Mike Dailly's great Minus4 (1.3) and started to play around with it, but the real breakthrough came with Zsolt's WinEMU, as it could play Tom Thumb and also could save screenshots. So I started to play around with my old games, made maps of BERKS 3 and Thrust and started a Tom Thumb map, as I always wanted to have a map and see the whole game. Only few weeks later I found Lando's new site and was very happy to find a well-sorted collection of games and information. After Lando started to include game covers to the site, I contacted him and sent the Thrust map and the Tom preview as a sample. He was excited by the idea and uploaded the maps instantly, so I continued with another games.

I am very happy that the lovely Plus4 becomes a second chance and that I can contribute with my maps so it will not be forgotten.

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