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Posts by Sidney
Posted ByTopicPosted OnTime
Sidney Joystick Adapter Query2018-02-1908:58:02
Sidney Re: Sd2iec Question2017-12-2409:09:03
Sidney Re: Sd2iec Question2017-12-2208:44:06
Sidney Re: Sd2iec Question2017-12-2019:53:30
Sidney Sd2iec Question2017-12-2005:20:28
Sidney Re: Just taken the plunge and bought a plus4!2017-11-0418:34:41
Sidney Just taken the plunge and bought a plus4!2017-11-0415:27:07
Sidney Re: Tap Dancer2017-07-0911:45:17
Sidney Tap Dancer2017-07-0617:34:45
Sidney Re: My C16 +4 has died2016-11-2711:52:47
Sidney Re: Has my C16 died???2016-06-0619:45:03
Sidney Re: Has my C16 died???2016-05-0507:20:55
Sidney Has my C16 died???2016-04-3015:51:42
Sidney Re: Merry Xmas *<:-)2015-12-2419:57:05
Sidney Re: 1531 queries2015-12-2419:55:35
Sidney 1531 queries2015-12-2112:16:11
Sidney Re: 10 Computer Hits 32015-10-3117:29:28
Sidney Re: 10 Computer Hits 32015-09-2621:35:53
SIDNEY 10 Computer Hits 32015-09-2520:00:47
sidney Re: Commodore16.com2015-07-1811:15:21
Sidney Re: Commodore16.com2015-07-1713:29:48
Sidney Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-07-1611:39:46
Sidney Re: Exorcist - Not as I remember it!2015-07-1611:34:12
Sidney Re: What's your favorite Mastertronic game?2015-07-1611:26:27
Sidney Re: Commodore16.com2015-07-1611:19:25
Sidney Zzap I Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-07-0918:40:21
Sidney Re: Ghosts 'N Goblins2015-06-2913:18:13
sidney Re: Ghosts 'N Goblins2015-06-2818:47:57
Sidney Re: Best football game2015-06-2818:30:35
sidney Re: Best football game2015-06-2702:33:21
sidney Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-06-2603:57:20
sidney Re: Best football game2015-06-2411:47:49
Sidney Best football game2015-06-2216:58:52
sidney Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-06-2216:44:27
sidney Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-06-2210:00:47
sidney Re: New Commodore 16/Plus/4 Group2015-06-2209:56:48
sidney Re: New Commodore 16/Plus/4 Group2015-06-2107:41:51
sidney Re: Game for two players (simultanous)2015-06-2107:35:54
sidney Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-06-1905:10:32
sidney Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-06-1711:04:19
sidney Re: Mastertronic non-turbo long loaders.2015-06-1611:58:19
Sidney Re: Street Olympics - bugged version found2015-06-1611:38:15
Sidney Re: The popular Plus/4 emulator YAPE...2015-06-0912:18:45
Sidney Re: The popular Plus/4 emulator YAPE...2015-06-0911:49:21
44 found.

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