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Effects - Sprite Scroll
NameRelease DateNotesCharacter sizeColor modeFrame rate
Bohemian Rapsody1992   
Bohemian Rapsody1992Over vector.   
BPL Demo1989-02-24Bouncing scroll over an image.   
Championship Sprint1991   
Digital Integration1992-07-11 Multicolor bitmap. 
First Demo (TLC)1992-04-22Performing a DYCP.   
Fuck Off1990   
Now & Forever1993Vertical, over both a scrolltext and a bitmap. Multicolor bitmap 
Crackers' Demo 21991-04DYSCP over ACS logo. Hires13
Exacting Demo1992-09-28   
Last Demo By Doky1991-04-05Vertical, with X-morph. Press Commodore and Run/Stop to slow/fast the scrolling.   
Last Demo By Doky1991-04-052x2 charsMulticolor bitmap 
Last Demo By Doky1991-04-05Vertical, with X-morph. Press Shift to stop scrolling.   
MC Demo1990-07-29   
Electric Fields1991   
Global Chaos1994   
Holus-Bolus1992-02-21Vertical, over an "EDC" logo.   
Last For Thrust1990-03-22Two scrolls on top of each other.   
Headbanger1992-06-13Halfway between DYPP and Sprite Scroll over logo.   
No Silence1994-08-31   
Just A Demo1990-07-28   
Guru Meditation1991   
Gentlemen In Action1993-01-10Vertical.   
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01   
ITT Demo1991-05-05Under a logo.   
Imagine (UTG)1993-02-16Several scrollers thru a logo.   
Legend Of MC1993DYSPP shadowing over a logo, same as Hydroines titlescreen..   
Neurotic Demo1992Many different ways to show text over/under a bitmap: bouncing letters, DYCP, DYPP. Multicolor bitmap 
Riga DemoUnknownUnder a bitmap.   
IMBK News #051994-03-13   
IMBK News #071994-09-29   
No News! 21992-08   
No News! 31992   
SCN News 051992-03-07   
Hydroines1992-12-16Shadow DYPP over bitmap.   
TJ4 Introcompo 21996   
Terminal Obsession1993   
The Cat (Kruk)1990-12-04 HiRes bitmap 
Surprise!1992-07-04DYPP over a logo.   
Crackers' Demo1990Under the picture.   
Syndrome1993-06-27DYCC over a tech tech moving bitmap.   
Perfect Visions 22010-10-22   
Llama Rapture 21993-10-23   
Detox Party1993   
49 found.

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