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Raster Split in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - Raster Split
NameRelease DateNotes
Megatunes Vol. I1990-12-20
Logo Demo1990-08-11
Megatunes Vol. I1990-12-20After having pressed the reset key.
Vector Sector1991
Illegal Demo1990-10-2414 splits on closed screen, also "skewed" bars.
To Be Ashamed1991-02
Digital Dream1990-07-28Raster scroll (characters made out of raster splits), the very first one of its kind.
GOTU Megademo1992-02-019 splits on open(!) screen, moving colors, spelling out the letters TLC.
Dycp1995Stretchable DYCP (actually DYPP) made out of raster splits (raster scroll).
MB Demo1989-126 splits in the lower border.
Out Of Border1992-08-31
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01
Proof1994-08-0823 splits in the lower border.
Icaos Demo1988-04-048 splits using multicolor characters ($FF color avoided).
Night Mission1990-05-05
First Demo (TSB)1992-01-10Stretchable raster scroll.
First Demo (TSB)1992-01-1012 splits in the lower border, then 25 and 52 by interlacing.
N.R.G. Demo1991-05-10
24 C1990Appears at the very end of the demo.
Virtually Yours1993
Pimp My Part2011-03-05
Merry Christmas 20152015-12-25
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30
TYG DemoUnknown
Terra Versus Universum1991-12-01
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