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DYPP in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - DYPP
NameRelease DateNotesAreaCharacter sizeItemsColor mode
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-198x8 chars   
ExcalibourUnknownNot full-framerate, fixed sinus.    
PsstUnknownWaves, but does not scroll.8x8 chars   
Future World1993-10-2332 x 8 chars   
Crystals1995-04-0816x8 chars   
MB Demo1989-12A 2x2 full-screen length DYPP, but animated (not calculated). Each letter has 3 frames. Updates every 2nd frame.    
MB Demo1989-12    
Crackers' Demo 21991-048 chars wide DYPP on the lower border.    
Sun For Fun1992-05-05Non-scrolling    
The 2nd1994While loading.    
10 Years +41994-10-23   MultiColour Bitmap
Metal Ass1991-02Over a splitted logo.    
Legend Of MC1993Shadow DYPP over a logo. 2x2  
48 Hours Party1992    
First Demo (TSB)1992-01-10Scrolling but not waving.    
Best Of GFW Mega1993-07-31DYSPP over a moving logo.    
Nothing Special1990    
Action Demo (Kuni)1992    
Last GFW Demo1994DYPP and Sprite Scroll over logo.    
Stormlord (USSR)1991-10-19Over a charlogo.    
Crafty Lame1992-12-17    
Magnetic Dream1990-02-242 DYSPP.  2 
Magnificient Plus/41990    
Patt Ball1989-05-113 DYSPP.    
Conversations II1990-03-283 DYSPP.  3 
Mega Hype1990-03-23 2x1  
Perfect Visions 32011-06-06Glenz, 2x1 chars, Y-zoom.    
Amőba (TPSH)1992-01-252x2 chars.    
Photographer AnimationUnknown    
GFW Megademo1993-07-31DYSPP over a moving logo.    
Terminal Obsession1993Logo DYPP, manage it by joystick.    
Metallica Demo1992-06-05DYSPP.  3 
Rich I P1990-02-20    
Flashback2014-02-12MegaDYPP.Fullscreen  HiRes
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30Twisted, glenz.    
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