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Effects - TED + Digi
NameRelease DateNotes
MB Demo1989-12
Iron Maiden1989-05-30
Barbarian 31990
Byte Times 31990-10-28
Into The Eagle's Nest1990-09-09
Musical Madness1989-06-22
Nemesis Demo1990-04-30
Zeus Megademo 31990-07
Crackers' Demo 42005-08-10
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-19"Stormlord" music conversion with wave converter.
Crackers' Demo 31992"Stormlord" music's best conversion.
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23
First Demo (TLC)1992-04-22"Test Drive" by Maniacs of Noise from C64.
Compy Xmas1990-12-09"Stormlord" music.
Stormlord (USSR)1991-10-19"Stormlord" music.
Megatunes Vol. I1990-12-20"Stormlord" music, an early attempt with FRQ converter.
Psychotrope1991"Stormlord" music.
To Be Music1990-03-31
Hammer And Jarre1990-04-28"The Great Giana's Sisters" theme.
Turbo Outrun Demo1990-07-05"Turbo Outrun" intro tune, digis and waveconverter are out of sync.
Terror Bubble1991-05-07"Tetris" tune from C64, badly converted.
Terror Bubble1991-05-07"Galdregons Domain" tune from C64 badly converted.
Terror Bubble1991-05-07SEGA's "Afterburner" cover tune from C64 by Jeroen Tel /MON, badly converted.
Zeus Megademo 11990-06-01"Turbo Outrun" intro tune, with frq-converter.
Compy Xmas1990-12-09"Beverly Hills Cop".
Carniwor Demo1990-05-12
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21"To Be On Top"
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21"Savage"
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21"Turbo Outrun" Intro
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21"Turbo Outrun" Titles
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21"Hotrod"
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21
Plus/4 Power 11/121990-12
Last Demo By Doky1991-04-05
Bad Cat Tune1991
Farewell +41991-05-18
CAD Box Demo1991-01-04
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23
Savage Ripp1990-04-05
Night Bellring Music Ripp1990-07-10
Oy Demo II1991
Outrun II DemoUnknown
TYG DemoUnknown
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