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Software (since 2017-06-21)
Asterix HFLI2017Demo/GraphicsEnglish
1 found.

Program Notes (since 2017-06-21)
Asterix HFLIDescriptionDescription
Asterix HFLIIntroductionIntroduction
GFW MegademoDescriptionImage Gallery
Magnificient Plus/4DescriptionImage Gallery
Real Funny BunnyDescriptionImage Gallery
SyndromeDescriptionProgram Text
The Real Stunt ExpertsIntroductionIntroduction
Joe And The SeriffInstructionsInstructions
Jolly Good FellowCheatAdjust game speed (lower is sl...
Jolly Good FellowCheatInvulnerability
10 found. (7 more)

Publications (since 2017-06-21)
A Kalandprogram Írásának Rejte...Book1986
Writing BASIC adventure progra...Book1982
2 found.

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