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Software (since 2017-03-17)
A Légzőműködés SzabályozásaEducationalHungarian
Az Emésztés SzabályozásaEducationalHungarian
Elemek Képlete1985EducationalHungarian
Ismerkedés A Periodusos Rendsz...1987EducationalHungarian
Kémiai LexikonEducationalHungarian
Lencsék KépalkotásaEducationalHungarian
Magyarország Kőzetei1987EducationalHungarian
Magyarország Megyéi És Megyesz...1986EducationalHungarian
Magyarország MegyeszékhelyeiEducationalHungarian
10 found. (7 more)

Program Notes (since 2017-03-17)
De Luxe CavesDescriptionLoosing Interest
Last For ThrustDescriptionProgram Text
MonumentumDescriptionHidden Text
Venice CarnevalDescriptionAuthor's Notes
Jungle ProjectDescriptionProgram Text
WurmiDescriptionMaking Of Henrik Marth Version
Jungle ProjectDescriptionImage Gallery
Math Games And Word ProblemsDescriptionImage Gallery
8 found.

Covers (since 2017-03-17)
Savage Collecti...Cassette Cover Front
Savage Collecti...Cassette
Star FighterCassette Cover Inlay
Star Wars (Gold...Cassette Cover
Star Wars (Gold...Cassette
Al Ladro / Bris...Cassette Cover Inlay
C16 Super Games...Cassette Cover
C16 Super Games...Cassette
Computer Games ...Cassette Cover
Computer Games ...Cassette
10 found. (9 more)

Publications (since 2017-03-17)
Letter Sequences/Long And Shor...Software Manual1984
Maze ManiaSoftware Manual1984
2 found.

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