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on 2017-11-04
 Re: Athanor the awakening

After 2 hours of short test some feedback:

Positive side:
-Generaly speaking a very nice release.
-I like the style of the GFX
-The initial medieval music is really nice, unfortunately a little short.
I listened to it few times, and it really fits to the age, especially drum was really like this.
Rotteroy should keep up the good work! I checked out some of his SIDs, really like them, especially the Bud Spencer theme (Coro Dei Pompieri), as funny as the original.
-I tested it with YAPE and Plus4Emu, 1541 and 1551 setting (in compatibility mode) worked nice.
(Unfortunately the 1551 performance mode does not work, but it is not expected, so not a negative coment)
-Fast drawing routine

Possible improvements:
-Some simple sound effects would be nice in the game, like when "ring the bell", or close a door.
(still, The Hobbit was also a very good game without sounds)

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on 2017-10-19
 Re: Athanor the awakening

Still shocked due surprise, let's talk about it later. Meanwhile: Athanor

Did't cast a vote yet because I wanna play it enough first.

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on 2017-10-19
 Re: Athanor the awakening

It also looks graphically well made and technically sophisticated. Well done!

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on 2017-10-19
 Re: Athanor the awakening

Really cool. I just love adventures.

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on 2017-10-19
 Re: Athanor the awakening

I'm the one who coded the C64 and VIC20 versions as well

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on 2017-10-19
 Re: Athanor the awakening


I checked the C64 release, and I was very curious if someone will take the challenge to convert it to Plus/4!
I saw the tests and checked the C64 version on youtube, and I was really impressed by the details on the gfx!
It is a must to play game, thank you!

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on 2017-10-19
 Athanor the awakening

Megastyle proudly presents our first production for the CPlus/4,
we have ported the game : "Athanor the awakening" to the 264 series.

Athanor takes place in the south of Italy in the 12th Century.
You are playing as a Franciscan monk, sent by his Holy order in order to make an inquiry in an abbey where suspect events have aroused many fears.
You will lead this inquiry in order to discover the mysteries lying within this abbey.
Let your conscience be your guide and you may discover greater secrets that you could have thought of.

Athanor was made in honour of the first generation's adventure games with vector graphics (such as 'the hobbit').

64K required

Coding by Majikeyric
Music arranged by Rotteroy

Copyright © Plus/4 World Team, 2001-2017