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Infinite Bobs in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - Infinite Bobs
NameRelease DateNotesItem sizeColor mode
Crackers' Demo 42005-08-10  
Crackers' Demo 31992  
Compy Xmas1990-12-09Change effect by pressing Commodore key.  
Virtually Yours1993In 2 colors only, in order to let a 3rd coloured 4x3 chars text to overlap.3x3 charsMCM
Fuck Off1990  
Great Change1991-02-06  
Disk Wars1992-08-23  
Rock Editor V1.31990-12-10  
Great Change1991-02-06Once spacebar has been pressed. Just a cheaper implementation of it.  
Plasma's First1991Once spacebar has been pressed. Not exactly that effect, but something cheaper.  
Magic Balls1990-12Press SHIFT to change effect.  
Rocket Science2014-08-09A very original implementation with FPP.  
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