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Scott Adams Adventures
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The Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle
Title:The Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Retail Price:£7.95
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Released by:Adventure International (U.K.)
Coded by:Howarth, Brian
Notes:Scott Adams Adventure #13. Rare C16 text only version. WANTED: full box scan (back side)!
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Download from Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 5.6/10 (3 votes)
The Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle Screenshot

Solution: H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook Volume 1 Issue 1 (Magazine/English) Page 10
Reviewed: Commodore User 23 (Magazine/English) Page 23

Cassette Cover
Cassette Cover
Cassette Cover (Back)
Cassette Cover (Back)
Cassette Cover (Inlay)
Cassette Cover (Inlay)

Cassette or Box Photo

Solutions - Complete
(You begin on a field outside the castle) GO MOAT, HOLD BREATH, SWIM DOWN, GET TOWEL, SWIM DOWN, SWIM EAST, BREATHE, U, GET CRATE, S, DROP CRATE, S, PUSH EAST (the wall moves), CAST SEED (the door opens), W, PULL WEST, GET UNRAVEL, GET METHUSELAH, E, PUSH SOUTH, D, CAST LYCANTHROPE (the rats run off), GO HOLE, GET * STAR, GO HOLE, WALK UP, GET * STAR, N, N, DROP STAR, DROP STAR, E, CAST UNRAVEL (the rope supporting the chandelier will soon fall down), W, W, PULL LEVER (the drawbridge is lowered), DROP WOOD, E, N, OPEN CABINET (you find Bliss Spell), GO DRAIN, HOLD BREATH, SWIM DOWN (4 times), LOOK BOTTOM (you find a * STAR), CAST BLISS (you return to the field, floating above the ground), GO DRAWBRIDGE, E, E, S, PUSH EAST, GO DOOR, D, GO LAVA (using Bliss you float across the lava - but hurry!), S, GET * STAR, GET DIZZY DEAN, N, N, U, U, W, N, DROP STAR, DROP STAR, GET CRATE, E, GO CHANDELIER, GET * STAR, CAST WICKED QUEEN (the glass turns into a mirror), GET MIRROR, CAST LIGHT (the chandelier floats up), GO LOFT, THROW CRATE (it breaks open), GET POTION, JUMP (using Bliss you survive), GO CRATE, GO HOLE, GET METAL, GO HOLE, JUMP, W, GET BRICK, W, GO DRAWBRIDGE, LOOK BATTLEMENTS, CAST DIZZY, THROW BRICK, AT CAN ('SAVE' first - hitting or not is randomized!), E, E, GET CAN, OPEN CAN, USE METAL, LOOK CAN (another * STAR), DROP CAN, DROP METAL, DROP TOWEL, DROP MIRROR, S, PUSH EAST, GET DUST, W, DRINK POTION, PUSH DOWN (the potion saves you), THROW DUST, GET * STAR, LOOK DRAGON (here's yet another star * STAR), GO HOLE, GET * STAR, GET FIREFLY, W, U, N, DROP METHUSELAH, GET PERMEABILITY, GET STAR, W, GO DRAWBRIDGE, W, DIG (ah! en * STAR), W, CAST FIRE, AT TREE, LOOK ASHES (and another * STAR), CAST PERMEABILITY, CAST FIREFLY (you are inside the tree), DROP STAR (8 times), CAST YOHO (you appear on the field again), GO DRAWBRIDGE, E, E, GET METHUSELAH, GET STAR, GET STAR, GET STAR, GO FOUNTAIN, GET * STAR, CAST METHUSELAH (to survive!), GO CENTREPIECE, GO SHAFT, GET * STAR, CAST YOHO, DROP STAR (5 times), SCORE (you have collected all the stars and hence solved the game!)


Bliss - takes you from the bottom of the moat and up, across the lava and down from the loft.
Dizzy Dean - helps you to hit the can on the battlements.
Fire - ignites a tree in the forest. This leaves a star in the ashes.
Firefly - provides light inside the tree.
Light - lifts the chandelier to the loft.
Lycanthrope - scares the rats away.
Methuselah - cures the disease when you are on the fountain.
Seed - opens the door in the dusty room.
Permeability - allows you to enter the tree in the forest.
Unravel - brings down the chandelier in the ball room.
Wicked Queen - gathers the shards of glass on the chandelier into a mirror.
Yoho - takes you to the field.

Original by Jacob Gunness 1990/9

Copyright © Plus/4 World Team, 2001-2018