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Release Date:
Device Req.:Tape only
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Produced by:Gameworx Software
Coded by:Reynolds, Daryll
Notes:AKA Ninja - The Quest for the Statue. WANTED: Cover scan.
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Plus/4 World
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    C64 release

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Ninja Title Screenshot

Ninja Screenshot



Many centuries ago the Grey Ninja stole the statue of Jozen away from their
arch enemies, the Kubuto Ninja Clan, and installed it in the Temple of
Over the years many attempts were made to return the statue, but to no avail.
Now you have been chosen to try where all others have failed......
Your only assistance is a clue said to be hidden in a poem written in the
Fifth Century by the poet Shimito.
Now as you enter the dark Dragon Head Forest, deep within Grey Ninja
Territory, you wonder if you have made the correct decision.
Well my friend, you'll need all your skill and cunning to survive this one.

Special Commands
'I' list contents of pack.
'G' lists obvious exits from sites.
'l' lists items at sites.
'SAVE' saves game.
'QUIT' ends game session.
'N,S,E,W' direction.


Verbs Nouns

look, go, get, drop, parchment, seat, steps, redjade, pedastal, altar
open, climb, read, rub, goldpiece, shell, ninja, fountain, stones, moat,
feed, throw, pay, attack lever, bamboo, crocadiles, flies, balcony, rope,
help, wear, crush,insert channel, arch, wings, whitejade, sword, bag, key
blow, pull, fill, untie, bluejade, forest, statue, begger, pillow, note,
cut, unlock, tie, jump, rock, grate, chain, crevice, stairs, samurai,
fit, kill, place. priest, frog, eagle, shrubs, opening, ivy, wall,
drapes, bridge, wolf, tree, ledge, mask, door,
flowers, jade, powder, blackjade, rope ladder,
sand, yellowjade, gardener.......

Solutions - Unsolved
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