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Bastow Manor
Title:Bastow Manor
Release Date:
Device Req.:Tape only
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Produced by:Gameworx Software
Coded by:Reynolds, Daryll
Notes:Full title: The Secret of Bastow Manor. WANTED: Cover scan!
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Plus/4 World
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    C64 release

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Bastow Manor Title Screenshot

Bastow Manor Screenshot


The Secret Of Bastow Manor

You stand on the misty moors outside the walls of the Bastow Manor.
Old man Bastow has disappeared, or so the story goes, leaving rumours of
his great wealth hidden somewhere in the Manor.
The baying of the hounds from behind the walls brings to mind tales of
wandering ghosts and hidden traps.
Can you find the treasure, solve the mystery......and live!

Special Commands
'I' list contents of pack.
'G' lists obvious exits from sites.
'l' lists items at sites.
'SAVE' saves game.
'QUIT' ends game session.
'N,S,E,W' direction.


Verbs Nouns

look, go, get, drop, crate, button, trapdoor, anchor, stone, spade,
climb, open, unlock, cut gold, opening, web, rubble, pit, snakes, ledge,
wear, move, eat, read, rockwall, coffin, arch, safe, lock, stairs, hole
ring, break, remove, tie gold key, iron key, ladder, hammer, letter, gate
help, pre(?), light branch, apple, wall, tree, mailbox, Manor, shed,
unlock, swing, dic(?)... garden, box, bell, sign, window, door, ivy, knot
knife, armour, tourch, rope, meat, brass key,
small key, bed, bath, cabinet, clock, balcony,
table, book, desk, lamp, bench, bucket......

Solutions - Unsolved
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