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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
A very long game: 8 toy warehouses where trying to get normal and bigger toys by finding the right key to open the right door; any warehouse has 10 screens, and if the player is fast enough to collect keys, open doors and pick up the bonus objects, a bonus screen follows after the last in the row. 88 screens overall in all over the world, from Antarctic to Europe!

Kick and pick, run and fun, the last one has been passed, and...

...after having collected all the bonuses in all the 10 Eurpean screens, here comes the bonus level 8!

The Ending
This is the end, you saved the little prince.

Hey wait a moment, the program is now surprisingly loading something else, what could be? Oooh a secret level 81, which appears just if you get all the bonus screens! See how many points to collect!

Yeah, now this is the real ending! What a long journey it's been!

Use the cheats to reach the ending.

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