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Greg D.
First Name:Greg
Last Name:D.
Country: UK
Membership information:
Member of Mr. Micro Ltd.
Email: gduddle(at)hotmail dot com

Releases by D., Greg
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSize
Harbour AttackGame/Action1984English16K
Shark AttackGame/Shoot'em up1986English16K
Treasure IslandGame/ArcadeAdventure1985English32K
5 release(s).

An Email Interview with Greg Duddle
>Where are you from?
Manchester, UK

>Do you have a webpage about your past creations?

>Could I (we) get a picture of you for the website?
Hmmm, I will see what I have!

>Who wrote the original music [of the Exorcist]?
[...] I believe that it was David Whittaker who wrote the music.

>What games did you write for the C=16/Plus4?
I only remember four
Harbour Attack
Treasure Island

>What machines did you develop games for [other than the C=64 and then C=16/Plus4]?
I did some additional programming on MSX, Spectrum and Atari ST, but not complete games.

>Did (do) you know any other C=16/Plus4 game developers?
Not really, I worked with John White on Aliens.

>What tools did you use to write the games?
For the first three I just used the built in machine code monitor and a
simple graphics tool that I wrote, for Aliens I think we used a BBC or an
Amstrad as the development platform with a cross Assembler.

>Who did the maps and game graphics?
Me for the first three then an artist did the graphics for Aliens.

>How long did it take you to develop these games?
It varied from 2 to 6 months.

>Do you still have any of the original games (possibly the source code)?
I still have copies of the original games but not the source.

>Does any of the games have built in cheats?
I can't remember but I doubt it!

>"Willow Pattern" on the C=64 is almost the same as
"Treausre Island" on the Plussy. What's the story behind this?

It goes back even further, the second game that I ever wrote was Treasure
Island for the C64 which was a very quick and simple game that was launched
with a copy of the book. We re-used
The mechanics for Plus4, then Firebird wanted a budget game quickly, so we
revamped it as the
Willow Pattern, which I did all the graphics for as well.

>What companies did you work for?
I worked independantly for a few months while I
wrote Harbour Attack for the
C64, then I got a job with Mr Micro Ltd and worked there until it closed in

>Do you still develop games?
No, I produce them now!

>What company do you work for/What titles did you work on?
I have worked for Psygnosis as a producer for 9 years and have produced
things like:-
Cytron - Amiga
Globdule - Amiga
Benefactor - Amiga
Flink - Sega Megadrive
3D Lemmings - Playstation & PC
Ecstatica 1 & 2 - PC
Rascal - Playstation
A Bugs Life - Playstation
Muppet Racemania - Playstation
Muppet Monster Adventure - Playstation

>Do you think you'll ever develop anything for the C=16/Plus4?
No way! I am too busy!


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