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  Novotrade MagyarországCompanyno Hungary
  Vages SoftwareCompanyno Hungary
  Headbangers (Headbangers)Groupno Hungary
 Gods Of The Universe (GOTU)GroupYES! Hungary
  Guys From West (GFW)Groupno Hungary
 Electronic Disaster Crew (EDC)Groupno Hungary
  Magnetic Violence (MTV)Groupno Hungary
  Methabolix (MX)GroupYES! Hungary
  Electronic Vision Software (EVS)Groupno Hungary
  New System Technology (NST)Groupno Hungary
  Assassins (ASN)GroupYES! Hungary
  Terrorists (TIT)Groupno Hungary
  Wilds (WLS)Groupno Hungary
 Absence (ACE)GroupYES! Hungary
  Muffbusters (MB)Groupno Hungary
  Coroners (CNS)GroupYES! Hungary
  Scorpions (SCN)Groupno Hungary
  AnarchyGroupno Hungary
  AxisGroupno Hungary
  Delta System (DS)Groupno Hungary
  Unknown Technic Group (UTG)Groupno Hungary
  Vortex (VTX)Groupno Hungary
  Gentlemen Software (GS)GroupYES! Hungary
  Fine Young Cannibals (FYC)Groupno Hungary
  Legion Of Doom (LOD)GroupYES! Hungary
  220 Volt Team (220V)Groupno Hungary
  Terminal Technics (TTC)Groupno Hungary
  United Force (UF)Groupno Hungary
  Tron Lamer Team (TLT)GroupYES! Hungary
 23 Celsius (23C)Groupno Hungary
  Hungarian Cracking Service (HCS)Groupno Hungary
  The Little Software (TLS)Groupno Hungary
  The Big Corporation (TBC)Groupno Hungary
  VHS Team (VHS)Groupno Hungary
  BitkillersGroupno Hungary
  Sex'n'Spirit (SNS)Groupno Hungary
  Prisoners (PRI)Groupno Hungary
  Unidentified Stainless Steel Rats (USSR)Groupno Hungary
  PlussycatsGroupno Hungary
  SleepwalkersGroupno Hungary
  Beginner Duo (BD)Groupno Hungary
  Skulls (SKS)Groupno Hungary
  Professional Protection Cracking Service (PPCS)Groupno Hungary
  Hypoflex (HFX)Groupno Hungary
  The Three Stars (TTS)Groupno Hungary
  Best Programmers Ltd. (BPL)Groupno Hungary
  Cop And Doky (CAD)Groupno Hungary
  AnimalsGroupno Hungary
  AtomicGroupno Hungary
  HowardGroupno Hungary
  DDT (DDT)Groupno Hungary
  AliensGroupno Hungary
  The Electronic Cell (TEC)Groupno Hungary
  OctasoftCompanyno Hungary
  DELTASoftCompanyno Hungary
  Fanatix (FTX)Groupno Hungary
  The Hopeful Sign (THS)Groupno Hungary
  Working Ko-Ko System (WKS)Groupno Hungary
  VanguardGroupno Hungary
  GreensoftGroupno Hungary
  Pro-PainGroupno Hungary
  Many Clever Boys (MCB)Groupno Hungary
  Landscape Studio (LSS)Groupno Hungary
  Dunkers (DNS)Groupno Hungary
  ICE-TeamGroupno Hungary
  NewLine Hardware/Software (NewLine)Companyno Hungary
 ÁpiszCompanyno Hungary
  Parent Teacher Association (PTA)Groupno Hungary
  UnisoftCompanyno Hungary
  The Cracker Boys (TCB)Groupno Hungary
  James GamesGroupno Hungary
  Mad Original Inhabitants (MOI)Groupno Hungary
  Profsoft Cracking Service (PCS)Groupno Hungary
  United Crackers Hungary (UCH)Groupno Hungary
  The Diabolic Six (TDS)Groupno Hungary
  MUFFGroupno Hungary
  PuhasoftCompanyno Hungary
  Barbarian Brothers (BB)Groupno Hungary
  TCTGroupno Hungary
  Absence And Wilds (ACW)Groupno Hungary
  City SoftwareCompanyno Hungary
  C.I.A. (CIA)Groupno Hungary
  Monarchy (MHY)GroupYES! Hungary
  TBSOGroupno Hungary
  Silver Ghost Software Co. (SGSC)Groupno Hungary
  ShitheadsGroupno Hungary
  ForthkillersGroupno Hungary
 Exceed (EXD)GroupYES! Hungary
  Chip Software Ltd. (CSL)Software Labelno Hungary
  A. C. SoftgroupCompanyno Hungary
  Zalka Hacker Service (ZHS)Groupno Hungary
  NeuroticGroupno Hungary
  OmicronCompanyno Hungary
  The Absolute NoName Group (TANNG)Groupno Hungary
  BMSGroupno Hungary
  JokosoftCompanyno Hungary
  TMPS TeamGroupno Hungary
  International House Budapest (IHB)Companyno Hungary
  Black Sector (BS)Groupno Hungary
  West-Hungarian Crackers Club (WC Club)Groupno Hungary
  TNTGroupno Hungary
  SECGroupno Hungary
  The Two Crackers (TTC)Groupno Hungary
  Firga Joe System (FJS)Groupno Hungary
  XBit Software (XBitSoft)Companyno Hungary
  Boomby And MC.Master (BAM)Groupno Hungary
  NilsoftGroupno Hungary
  Vorker Kisszövetkezet Szoftver Részleg (Vorker)Companyno Hungary
  Hunters (HTS)Groupno Hungary
  Crazy Break Co. (CBC)Groupno Hungary
  Electronic (E)Groupno Hungary
 Műszaki Könyvkiadó (MK)Companyno Hungary
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