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on 2017-04-01
 Top20 or Top50 Musics in HVTC?

Dear All,

A suggestion.

I think the TED music and the tools behind improved a lot in the last years. Some fantastic players and editors were created, those can push the C16/plus/4 to it's limits.
Some of the newer releases are really up to the quality of some C64 SID classics, and it is not a joke (just check Hyperion from TLC or the Adventures in Time, but David Whitakker could do some tricks with the TED too) (BTW Treasure Island in HVTC does not work on any of my emulators)

So we have the fantastic HVTC, but we have no toplist where to start from the almost 600 files.
There are some recommendations, and with all I agree, but no there is no personal voting possibility, and we really need a little longer list

So is there any way we can create such a Toplist, next to the best game, best demo, etc?
Or within the HVTC?

I know, it will be a different scoring system, as the current one. It is easy, if it is ONLY music, like TLC's release, but what about Games, or Demos could have very nice music, though other aspect could be weaker, so they may get on average a lower score that it deserves for it's music. (I hope you understand what I mean.)

If you agree, and the technical details solved (haha) then some rules need to be set.
I think native SIDs should be closed out, and digitized musics (we have a lot) and editors (Micro series) too, just to vote for real composisions or dramatic sound effects only. Otherwise how to score down the Supremacy?

The native TED FRQ based SID converters is a good question. For me the Pigmy first converted C64 musics were a major breakthrough, I could never imagine a better SID emulation at my childhood, but later came the Muffbusters games with different FRQ emulator, then SID digi players evoluton. But I think all FRQ converter has it's own taste and sound, and it required several settiings to sound really good. I listened a lot in my childhood the "Genesis Project" demo, it sounded so fantastic at that time.

Please let me know your opinion.

Posted By

on 2017-04-06
 Re: Top20 or Top50 Musics in HVTC?

Oh wow, this reminds to me that when I was very young and I had the luck to discover the little Plus/4 scene along the Germany-Hungary axis, I used to load some demos because I simply loved a particular effect or I was surprised by the music, that kind of demos which weren't so technically advanced all in all, but they anyway steal a slice of your heart. I clearly remember my sundays starting with Gomangani just to listen the same tune played thru those different waveconverters...

Getting back to the topic: yes, a TopXX TED tunes would be nice, and relatively easy to put up because it would be basically based on HVTC. This last one has relatively become an unhoped-for success and I'm very proud of how it turned to. Years passed since my article on Lone News 20 which pointed to promote a new life for TEDsound within a retro scene context, and hafta say the whole intent has got on target
HVTC includes all the non-BASIC TED native compositions, trying to recognize: 1) those ones made with SID editors when used exclusively for TED (like some Future Composer tunes TED dedicated); 2) quality digitized stuff where the digi slices have been cut clean to be used into a coherent context. It has been a completely choice of my own, just to have a point where to start from, but it also includes some very valid guidelines currently driving the HVSC with a well known solid success.

A service alert for Gaia: the .c8m format is still waiting, we could begin to convert the archive into it, or we could simply follow the .SID original one reducing the flags.

Apropos, with Gunfright being released as very last TEDmusic addon, I should update HVTC once again, I guess...

Posted By

on 2017-04-06
 Re: Top20 or Top50 Musics in HVTC?

Thanks for the deatiled answer! And the clarificationon the format. I agree, those digis were show great effort, and also representing the qualities of the Plus/4 in a different area (5bit digi).

The HVTC is a huge effort, and really appreciate it.

Background: Last weekend I got Nostalgia Fever and I tried to listen a bigger bunch of TED musics in HVTC.
Unfortunately after 35-40 I had to give up. Next to the gems mentioned below, there were some horrid blopping and simple ones, and then the whole point came up.

I am sure I missed over the years some really fantastic TED releases, but I do not want to get bleeding ears just to find them accidentally, ehehehe

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