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on 2018-01-20
 Re: YAPE SDL Updated!

Thanks, MMS for trying it. Let's move one by one:
* on my i5 4440 (not too new either) I am usually getting around 300%
* pressing Alt+L will switch to line based emulation mode which is perfectly enough for quite a few games but you have to reload the game via the menu (ESC + Load PRG and look for the file in the virtual file system)
* the controls can be weird because both joysticks are mapped to the keys that are used to emulate the real arrow keys; this you can toggle or turn off by pressing Alt+I or change the joystick keys in the Options menu

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on 2018-01-19
 Re: YAPE SDL Updated!


I tested YAPE SDL with Jet Set Willy.
Microsoft Egde: OK
Google Chrome: best
Opera: OK. Little slower

The FPS shown was typically 47-50fps, but due to my slow CPU (C2D E4400), Willy's animation was stuttering a little, but all the rest of the dude (enemies) were fluent.

What I found strange (errata):
-Sometimes the LEFT cursor press recognised to be UP (or both together), but it never happened with the RIGHT cursor. I died few times because of that. Second screen, go down on the stairs, then a jump by accident: you will die over and over without chance of surviving due to meeting blade.
-Also sometimes (maybe due to CPU limit) it did not recognize my keypresses. I should check it with a stronger machine too

Generally speaking, the almost 50fps and good animation was a surprise for me, even it is is such a simple game with few moving objects.

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on 2018-01-11
 Re: YAPE SDL Updated!

Thats a great step forward. Congratulations!

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on 2018-01-10
 Re: YAPE SDL Updated!

I am speechless! Many thanks in the name of Asterix too !

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on 2018-01-10
 YAPE SDL Updated!

YAPE SDLGaia just updated the YAPE SDL project. This code is also the base of the fantastic JavaScript emulator, and the new version of that is now online here at Plus/4 World! (Look for the [PLAY ONLINE] links on program pages.) The biggest visual difference you will see is the ability to handle more FLI effects. Be sure check it out, big cheers to Gaia!

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