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FPP in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - FPP
NameRelease DateNotesColor mode
Illegal Demo1990-10-24 
Unit 611992 
Virtual Reality1994-10-22 
8 Shades Of Black2006-08-18Multicolor bitmap
Metapharstic 961996-02-01 
Metapharstic 961996-02-01 
Metapharstic Alternative Intro V21996-01-16 
States United2011-04-23Works regular when the demo starts with no reverse characters on screen ($FF07 > #$80, 7th bit is on).HiRes
States United2011-04-23 
Metal Ass1991-02Change scroll speed by joystick. 
Metal Ass1991-02Change scrollspeed by joystick in port 2. 
Blue Keeps1990-08-12 
Vector In SpaceUnknown 
Rocket Science2014-08-09 
Rocket Science2014-08-09Fullscreen FPP alternating a big textscroll by alternated scanlines. 
16 found.

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