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Total Eclipse
Title:Total Eclipse
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Trained by:Tron Lamer Team (TLT)
Converted by:S., Ferenc (SF)
Notes:AKA Total Eclipse 1.
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    ZX Spectrum release
    C64 release
    Amiga release
    Amstrad CPC release
    Atari ST release

User Rating: 8.2/10 (12 votes)
Total Eclipse Screenshot

Solution, Map: Commodore Világ 1 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 9

Notes About The Author
The game has no intro or any text mentioning who converted the game. At least two issues of Terror News mention this game as Total Eclipse/Pigmy. In 2012, when asked, Pigmy wrote: "Only Driller was my work. I don't remember if I ever saw Total Eclipse on +4". Therefore we are confident that SF (who is credited everywhere else) did this conversion. On 16th of January, 2016 SF confirmed (citation needed) that it's his work.

Game Objective
It is written that, in the heart of ancient Egypt hundreds on years ago, the High Priest of the day had become annoyed. His people were revolting and refused to continue the sacrifices to Re the God of Sun. His anger had erupted so he set an ominous curse as punishment to the people.

A great pyramid was erected and at the topmost chamber a shrine was built for Re the Sun-God. The curse was set. Should anything ever block the sun's rays during daylight hours it would be destroyed.

It is now 26th October, 1930 and in just 2 hours the moon will totally eclipse the sun, triggering the curse of Re, causing the offending moon to explode showering the Earth with colossal meteorites thus upsetting the ecological balance, and plunging civilisation into a dark age of starvation and conflict.

It is 8 o'clock, you have just landed your bi-plane next to the great pyramid. Your mission is to reach and destroy the shrine of the Sun-God Re, which is located at the apex of the pyramid.

Collect as much as possible-you're gonna be rich! First day's target $125,000.

A revolver plus an ample supply of bullets.
Your wrist watch the eclipse is due just before 10 o'clock.
A water bottle keep this topped up-it is very hot! It is not healthy to be without water for long periods.
Your trusty compass an essential item for succesful orientation.

Top left Ankhs collected.
Top middle Value of treasure collected.
Top right Current state of the eclipse.
Main window Freescape 3D generated view of your present surroundings.
Message display (Under main window). This normally indicates your current location plus the height of this chamber above sea level shown in cubits eg. 24c=24 cubits. The entrance to the shrine is at a height of 72 cubits.
Bottom left to right Wrist watch, water bottle, heart beat, compass.

Joystick in port 2.

+ Move forward
= Move backward
Q Turn left
W Turn right
SPACE Draw/replace gun
S Step size change
A Angle change
H Height change
P Look up
L Look down
U U-turn
F Face
R Rest
I Interrupt

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