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Level 9 Computing Adventures
[ Snowball ]Red MoonErik The VikingKnight OrcLancelotIngrid's BackScapeghost

Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:T., Attila (TGMS)
Notes:Original by Level 9 in 1983.
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    MSX release

User Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes)
Snowball Screenshot

News: Commodore Világ 48 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 31

Solutions - Complete
(Start inside a coffin), EXAMINE (you will notice a lever even though it's dark), PULL LEVER (the lid rises), OUT, N (entrance to a blue mortuary), PUSH RED BUTTON, PUSH RED BUTTON, PUSH RED BUTTON (a coffin will now slide out from an aperture), S, U (you now stand on the coffin), U (you scramble through a trapdoor), WAIT (until the clanking noise of the deadly mechanical nightingale fades away), N, OPEN DOOR, N (curving east/west corridor), E, PUSH BUTTON (the elevator arrives), S (elevator), D (you now climb to a rope below the elevator), D (grimy pit), TAKE TOOLBOX, U, U, (back to the elevator), PRESS BLACK BUTTON.

N (curving path), W, W, W, U (significant cylindrical ledge), S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S (featureless airlock), EXAMINE AIRLOCK (it has yellow and green buttons), PRESS YELLOW BUTTON (the door slides open), S, S, D, D (you are now lying on a comfortable couch), EXAMINE COUCH (the table will now massage you), U, U, S, D (you are rejected), WAIT (until a scruffy robot shuffles onto the cyladder and is carried down), D (you fall into a large low room), S, D (you are now seated at the console), WEAR VISOR (the screen will now light up), EXAMINE SCREEN, LOOK AT 2 (it becomes brighter), BLINK (the screen displays information numbers), U, S, SEARCH BODY, WEAR LEOTARD, WEAR NECKLACE, WEAR BRACELET.

N, N, N (library), EXAMINE TABLE, TAKE VIEWER (video-viewer), EXAMINE VIEWER (has openings for battery and mempak), N (mempak archive), TAKE MEMPAK, EXAMINE MEMPAK (holds details of passengers), INSERT MEMPAK, EXAMINE VIEWER (you will now be given two important colour codes - one is for your own coffin location and the other for the frozen crewmember's coffin location – note these are different for each game, so make a note of the two sets of colour codes, including the mortuary colours… you should have seven colours in each code), OPEN TOOLBOX, EXAMINE TOOLBOX (contains yin-yang screwdriver and an adjusting spanner), TAKE SPANNER, DROP SPANNER, TAKE SCREWDRIVER, TAKE BATPAK (you lever it out with the screwdriver), DROP SCREWDRIVER, DROP VIEWER, S, S, E, N, E, N (cupboard), TAKE LAMP, EXAMINE LAMP (battery powered), INSERT BATPAK, TAKE CUP, S (diner), INSERT CUP (the machine fills it with thin lentil custard), W (condo), LOOK UNDER BED, TAKE LED, EXAMINE LED (an information probe for android faults), S, W, U (you are carried up the cyladder).

S, N, N, D (a robot welcomes you), D, D, S, S, U, W, N (a damaged droid requests a spare part - if necessary wait until it does), ATTACH PROBE (make a note of the spare part it requires - it will be different for each game, and collect it as you go around the junk), N, N, E, S, S, W (back to the damaged droid), GIVE.....…………. (to the droid - you are given a battered bubble helmet), DROP PROBE. E, D, D (robot stores), E, E (wide counter), TAKE RED TICKET, N, N, N, TAKE GREEN TICKET, W, W (wide counter), GIVE RED TICKET, TAKE RED FORM, S, S, S (small counter), GIVE GREEN TICKET, GIVE RED FORM, TAKE ORANGE FORM, E, E, TAKE RED TICKET, N, N, N, TAKE GREEN TICKET, W, W (wide counter), GIVE RED TICKET, GIVE ORANGE FORM, TAKE YELLOW FORM, S, S, S (small counter), GIVE GREEN TICKET, GIVE YELLOW FORM, TAKE GREEN FORM, E, E, TAKE RED TICKET, N, N, N, W, W, GIVE RED TICKET, GIVE GREEN FORM, TAKE LANCE.

S, U, OPEN DOOR, U, U, N (north end of marblon cylinder), PRESS BUTTON (door slides open), N (airlock), PRESS YELLOW BUTTON (the door slides open - the part that follows is different for each game… continue north and every time there is an exit down), EXAMINE BRACELET (until the FOURTH colour on the bracelet is the same as the SECOND colour of the frozen crewmember's code that you noted earlier and when the colour matches go down. Now proceed - east until you reach an elevator which is indicated by a button protruding from the floor), PRESS BUTTON (the elevator arrives), S, PRESS......……….. BUTTON (the FOURTH colour of the code).

)From now whenever you hear a noise, go in the opposite direction of the source of the noise, usually from the west, and find a door), OPEN DOOR, ENTER, LISTEN (until the noise fades away), OUT, E (keep going east until you are at a GREEN door), EXAMINE LIGHTS (there are - three colours and they must match with the SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH colours of the frozen crewmember's code. If they don't proceed east again until you reach the next green door and repeat the procedure, bearing in mind what to do if you hear the noise. When the lights match the SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH colours, in the same sequence), OPEN DOOR, N (there is a panel here and you must press the buttons corresponding with the LAST THREE colours of the code, that is FIFTH, SIXTH and SEVENTH, PRESS BUTTON (5th colour), PRESS BUTTON (6th colour), PRESS BUTTON (7th colour - a coffin slides out from an aperture).

N, TAKE COFFIN, S, WAIT (until the clanking sound approaches and eventually fades away), OPEN DOOR, S, E (continue east until you arrive at a button in the floor - bearing in mind the procedure if you hear the clanking noise again), N (a machine grabs and opens the coffin to reveal the frozen crewmember), GIVE LIQUID (she drinks it and gives you the habidome code - make a note of these three colours), S, PUSH BUTTON, S (elevator), PUSH BLACK BUTTON.

W (winding transpex tunnel), W, W, U, S (continue south until you arrive at the airlock), PUSH YELLOW BUTTON, S (you are now back at the north end of the marblon cylinder), S, S, S, WEAR HELMET, PUSH YELLOW BUTTON, S (airlock), PUSH YELLOW BUTTON, S (vast docking bay), TAKE GUN, EXAMINE GUN (it has no ammunition and a wide tapering nozzle), LIGHT LAMP, S, S, S, (web), JUMP (you are told there is no web that way, are you sure?), YES, SHOOT GUN (the recoil spins you and you float down), SHOOT GUN (you now have to quickly match your velocity with the fast moving ice below you), SHOOT GUN (that did the trick… you are now on a flat snowfield), DROP GUN.

U, U (shuttle platform), PUSH BUTTON (the monorail shuttle arrives), IN, PUSH BUTTON (you travel to the next station), OUT, D, D, IN (crew habidome), PRESS BUTTON, S (into airlock), PRESS YELLOW BUTTON, S, D (pink and green alcove - you are confronted by a security door. The combination is the - THREE COLOUR HABIDOME CODE given to you earlier when you revived the frozen crewmember), PRESS BUTTON (1st colour), PRESS BUTTON (2nd colour), PRESS BUTTON (3rd colour - the door slides open), IN.

D (the forest glade), E, E, IN (to snake pit), TAKE WAND, OUT, W, W (back to the forest glade), WAVE WAND (it whistles and you are now in a large round room - the forest glade is only a hologram), DROP WAND, D (narrow winding stairs), PUSH BUTTON, D (airlock), PUSH YELLOW BUTTON, D, D (observatory), WEAR DARK GLASSES, U, PUSH BUTTON, U (into airlock), PUSH YELLOW BUTTON, U, U (back to forest glade), SE, SE (soft pink room), GET CAT, NW, NW, (forest glade), OPEN DOOR, NE (recreation lounge), TAKE SILVER TRAY, OPEN DOOR, SW, U (small round room), OPEN DOOR, OUT, U, S (store), TAKE CAN (aerosol paint can), PUT CAN IN TOOLBOX, CLOSE TOOLBOX, TAKE FLASK, EXAMINE FLASK (labelled “Mineral Air”... there is a flexi connector at one end), N, PUSH BUTTON, N (into airlock), PUSH YELLOW BUTTON, N, OUT.

U, U (shuttle platform), PUSH BUTTON (shuttle arrives), IN, PUSH BUTTON, PUSH BUTTON (you travel two stations), OUT, D, D (northern ice cliff), TAKE SHOVEL, U, U (shuttle platform), PUSH BUTTON (shuttle arrives), IN, PUSH BUTTON, PUSH BUTTON (you travel two stations), OUT, D, D (trampled snow), IN (robodome), D, D (base of ramp), S, TAKE CYLINDERS (linked), N, U, U, OUT, U, U (shuttle platform), PUSH BUTTON (the shuttle arrives), PUSH BUTTON, PUSH BUTTON (you travel two stations), OUT, D, D (outside warehouse), OPEN DOOR, IN (large hangar), WEAR ARMOUR, OPEN DOOR, OUT, U, U, (shuttle platform), PUSH BUTTON (the shuttle arrives), IN, PUSH BUTTON, PUSH BUTTON, PUSH BUTTON (you travel three stations), OUT.

D, D (to where the snowdozer is), DIG (with the shovel - you find a bunch of keys and you are now in a tiny hole), DROP SHOVEL, TAKE KEYS, MEND SNOWDOZER (you weld the tracks), DROP LANCE, DROP CYLINDERS, IN (snowdozer control bubble), D (engine room), TAKE EXTINGUISHER, U, TURN KEYS (you are now advised to leave the snowdozer), OUT (the snowdozer moves off, pushing ice-blocks into the hole), DROP KEYS, EXAMINE TRAY (it holds an electro-flute), TAKE FLUTE, U, U (shuttle platform), PUSH BUTTON (shuttle arrives), IN, PUSH BUTTON (you travel to the next station), OUT.

D, D, N, N (base of Jacob's Ladder which is guarded by a massive Waldroid), OPEN TOOLBOX (the aerosol paint can explodes in the vacuum and blinds the Waldroid), U, U, U, U, N (the ramp here is coated in unislime), DROP CAT (it cleans up the slime), U, U, U, U (top of wide ramp), OPEN DOOR in (wide dark east/west corridor), ATTACH FLASK (the helmet is now recharged with air), W (T-junction - you are told it is dangerous to go west), WAVE TRAY (it reflects a laser beam back on itself and you hear an explosion), W, S, OPEN DOOR, IN (control room - a figure, holding a petrol bomb warns you to keep back), PLAY FLUTE (it plays a scale, from low notes to very high… the petrol bomb shatters, surrounding its owner in fire), PRESS EXTINGUISHER (the nitrogen kills the fire), W (beside main instrument panel), PULL LEVER.

Written by Dorothy Millard.

Copyright © Plus/4 World Team, 2001-2018