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Game Endings

Battery 2
Ending for
Battery 2

How To Reach
Have you colonized a planet lately? OK, now it's your turn to make it appealing for the human life by producing an atmosphere full of fresh breathable air. So, enter the deep core of the planet in 3 big levels, in order to reach the air generator and puzzling around it a bit to turn it on.
Get aboard of one of the two available ships, loaded with several different weapons, and open your path through walls, turrets and switchable gates.

OK, this is the picture to match with in order to activate the generator, let's start the job...

Video matrix off, generator on!

And now, it's time to get out of this place.

Level 4 finished, let's do some final counts...

The Ending

You're a real hero, you saved your people, they celebrate you, would you ask for more?

Use the trained version to straight play the last level, then solve the game by entering in Monitor:

G 8E47

and lift away to finish the game.

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