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Austrospeed Recompiler
Title:Austrospeed Recompiler
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Created by:B., Michael (Ceekay)
Notes:An AustroSpeed -> BASIC compiler; the opposite of AustroSpeed Compiler.
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Austrospeed Recompiler Title Screenshot

Austrospeed Recompiler Screenshot

Program Text
eh yo ...  this is  ceekay softworx   hypin' up the set with a brandnew programm called  'austrospeed recompiler'  . further information after the greetz. fitst of all a sharout to crown because i used your music , hope that you are not angry .. by the way crown,what's about answering my letter , ha ? my adress you can also get after the greetz ... before i will forget it : (c) 14.4.1990 !! now here it is: the neverending greetingslist : crown,pigmy,muffbusters crew,a system,starsoft (this is hypin' up the set, stiller, or ?? your 1st. intro was quite nice, where is the next ??),fusion, thrust, scf, m.o.s., hcs, bpl, lta, tdh, skc, alf ..... now some fukinx to ingmar of skc who wants to by an amiga, fuck 4 him. now party people here's my adress:  michael bock, vorwaertsstrasse 5, 4600 dortmund 1, some dertailed information to the recompiler : nerally all compiled commands could be recompiled expect : printusing, vol, scratch,collect,dload & dsave, header, scratch, collect, copy, backup, rename and else . all other basic commands will be recompiled. always when the recompiler finds one of the commands shown above, in the basic programm you will find a ":". an updated version is in work. when you have the recompiled file on disk (b/ ...) sometimes some errors in this programm are possible (syntax ..) then you have to debug. but mostly you will find easy errors ... so far so good. when you want to have more information, also to our favourite 'drivemonitor' write me ! . last not least thanx to lta because i have taken some parts of your c64 programm recompiler, now see ya frex,lamers,dudes etc i've got a dust, peace !

Enter the filename of a program which has been compiled with AustroSpeed Compiler. If successful, this program will produce a "B/filename" file on disk, which should be more or less the original BASIC program.

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