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3D Construction Kit
Title:3D Construction Kit
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Cracked by:Sleepwalkers
Converted by:C., Zoltán (Csory)
Notes:Lets you create games like Driller.
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
Download from
Download from
  External links:
    ZX Spectrum release
    C64 release
    Amstrad CPC release

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3D Construction Kit Title Screenshot

3D Construction Kit Screenshot

Derived Software
3D Construction Kit Demogame

Appeared On Compilations
Obscure Collection

News: Commodore Világ 29/30 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 49

Game Controls
O (joystick up) Forward
K (joystick down) Back
Q (joystick left) Left
W (joystick right) Right
B (joystick fire) Shoot/Get/Use/Push/Open
Space Toggle sights mode/movement mode
A Activate objects
P Look up
L Look down
I Face forward
M Tilt right
N Tilt left
Z Sidestep left
X Sidestep right
R Move up (rise/stand)
F Move down (fall/crouch)
U U-turn
CTRL+key (+joystick) When used in conjunction with movement keys will accelerate the movement
ESC/Run-Stop Restart environment

Including A Border
While compiling the final version of the game, you can include a custom border. That's actually a whole bitmap in the C64 Advanced Art Studio format, and trying to load any other file format will crash the compiler.

Using an emulator, it is still possible to load a border bitmap in plain Plus/4 format (Multi Botticelli suggested for) from $B800, and the compiler will include it in the final game file. Keep in mind the game itself will change $FF15 (paper) and $FF16 (fixed) colours while running.

Manuals, datafiles, finished games, tutorial video and many more features can be found at C64 kit-data can be loaded into Plus/4 too, in order to play the games.

Keys Fix
The keyboard is badly implemented and some numbers/letters can't be used when values input is required (0-9, A-F).

This bug can be fixed by entering in Monitor:
>09B2 2C

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