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Lajos S.
First Name:Lajos
Last Name:S.
Country: Hungary

Releases by S., Lajos
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSize
Algoritmusok, JátékokGame/Compilation1988Hungarian16K
Térbeli AmőbaGame/TicTacToe1985Hungarian16K
8 release(s).

The Commodore 16 was released in Hungary in December 1985. Some people lined up and waited all night, but even so, not everyone could get their hands on one.

Back then only 4 programs were available with the machine: the Hungarian character set, and 3 silly (that's my opinion of them as a user) games, which were written by me with my colleague Gábor Soós, under a very tight schedule. (These were: Bigyulabolt, Tányértorony, Térbeli Amőba.)

We were loaned a machine from Novotrade in September, for the purpose of developing games for it. There was absolutely no documentation for the machine, the well known user manuals were published later.

By then, shoot 'em up games were dominating the C64 games, so we decided not to follow that, but rather to develop games that made you think.

Bip-bip was released one year later, in this one, we gave up our previous policy. This was our most successful released game.

Our other programs were educational titles, which took a lot of work and effort, but were all failures financially. Even back then, the schools etc. spent a lot of money on hardware, but no-one wanted to pay for software. These were (in chronological order):
- Axonometria
- Perspektíva
- Számoljunk (taught basic arithmetic)
- Algoritmusok-Játékok (this was the companion for a booklet - or the booklet was the companion for the software).
These last two were commissioned by OPI - Országos Pedagógiai Intézet (National Institution of Education) and were published by VORKER. Their release was very late because of the bureaucracy (e.g. the title of the leader of OPI was incorrect, therefore all materials had to be re-printed). By then the PCs were becoming more prevalent, and therefore the era of the Commodore machines and such software was over.

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