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The hall of fame obviously only makes sense if the player submitting their scores are honest. Cheating would be just lame, and we know no-one wants to do that. Here are the guidelines on how/what should be submitted:

- Use original version of games. (Exception: if the original game has a bug, a bugfix can be applied.)
- Real computers are preferred, but emulators are also allowed.
- Emulators: don't speed up/slow down the game or use snapshots, those are considered cheating.

Otherwise, have fun, and may the best player win!

Name:If you're a member, you can log in.
Game:Select the game.
Sub-game:An example of a sub-game is an event (for games like Summer/Winter Events). Use this only if applicable, for most games this is not needed (leave empty).
Score:If numerical, enter the score as-is (without commas). If the score is time, or some other value, enter it with the original formatting.
Score #2:Most games do not have this, so please leave empty. One example where it is used is G-Man, which has both score and time. Time is the secondary score, used for ranking in case of a tie.
Date:Enter the date when the score was achieved in YYYY-MM-DD format. Note: If you don't have the month or day, just enter zero (e.g. 2012-00-00 if it was sometime in 2012.)
Image:Optional, a public URL to an image (screenshot) of the score. NEW!: you can now easily upload your image to Plus/4 World after submitting your score (members only).
Video:Optional, a public URL to a video of the gameplay.
Notes:Optional, add any notes you like (e.g. if the game was played on a real machine or an emulator, how long it took, etc.).

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