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Hitler Psycho
Title:Hitler Psycho
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Released by:Nilsoft
Coded by:V., Ákos (Nil)
Graphics by:N., Zoltán (SM)
Notes:In this release, Nilsoft lists his previous programs: The Big Demo, The Dirthy Demo (missing), Biologia, Karate (missing), Evening Tale.
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Hitler Psycho Screenshot

. . . . . . ... hello guys!!! nilsoft presents: hitler psicho demo!! finished on 1990.12.06 yeeeeeeeeeeaeaeaeaah! hogy miert van forditva a scroll? - hat veletlen. keressetek a nilsoft programokat!!!(big demo , the dirthy demo , biologia , karate , evening tale !!!) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. hogy tetszik ez a demo??? - szerintem nagyon jo!!! a hitlert sm (nemetz zoltan) rajzolta 1990.aug.5-en.a kezet mar en csinaltam. the next graphic by sm. keressetek az sm zeneket!!!(ez most-egesszen veletlen- nem az) thanks to: thpc - sdi - vvss - tgm - - greetings to :sdi (kosz a digit!) - hrh (hello kedves ...) - generation 1973 (a kazettamat!!!) - ice-scream team - 296 k crew - ice team : cruel , tmch , gazsi , cipo (marha paraszt!!) - malac (1.4 (3)) - tgm (1551) - tyg - dnc(domjan norbi cracker(olyan nagyon hulye vagy,hogy le sem lehetne irni!!(sot rajzolni sem!!!!! )) - blc (message :lasd:dnc!) - gil-games (igen vagy nem???) - soma (you can't tach me!! mc lammer!!!) - hobbit (c64) - cat (..idesz (nem zsidesz!!!!!)) - very venerable and secret society (vvss fidesz) - gyugyu (adj tockost magadnak!!! fidesz) - rece (joe! mikor lesz a legujabb vita a gil-games-szel?!) - kkc - big zsolt (??? ? ?21ft ??? ) - mozo - fls (surda) - sunko (nem is nagyon bunkooooo...) - koa (rocking!!!!!) - aster-x - tgs (mega-gaiga-tera-kilo-deka-special fuck off to you!!!!) - aga - mifi ----- - muffbusters - tcfs - pigmy - crown - fusion (scrieb mir!) - a-system - cms - csm - tarzan - johnny - hcs - csory (jo a fastload-od 51-esen) - coby - ronsoft (greetings from hungary(ka)) - !!! my adress:voros(red) akos 6000.kecskemet pakozdi csata u(st) 9. i/1 1 74 0202 ... press reset!!! haho-taho!!! nyuszika fut a reten valaszt varok meg a heten!!!! (ezt ird a levelezolapra,jeligekent!!)10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Soma's Comments
Soma remembers several of the folks who are greeted in this demo (and in some other demos), but weren't active on Plus/4:

- THPC (info from Nil): The Hollywood Poker Cracker, Tibor Irmai. Mostly C64 user, but knew his way around the Plus/4 as well.
- Gil-Games: Ernő Kiss. He wrote lots of things (he was a very smart guy), but mostly used that handle on Amiga (for demos and games). They wrote an educational geography program (around 1987) which won a national prize. He also wrote some compressors and copy programs, and if I correctly, he had some game as well. His co-author was Matyi (Mátyás) Késmárki, he was an even bigger guru. He wrote a program that could load Spectrum tapes on a Plus/4, and could display the start-up pictures (which were really beautiful), with the colors converted. Back then this was a huge hit!
- Malac: Márton Bontovics (C64/Amiga)
- Big Zsolt: Zsolt Nagy (Spectrum)
- Réce: József Rédei
- Mozo: Zoltán Molnár (Spectrum, now works as a professional programmer/graphic artist)
- FLS: Mihály Sáránszki (C64/Spektrum)
- KOA: Attila Kovács (Spectrum)

There was one more fellow, István Bognár, who was mostly a C64 maniac, but he did write on educational program for physics, which modeled some 3D grid movements. His handle was "Steve Cartwright".

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