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on 2018-02-11
 Calling all old-school sceners (Crown, Chicken, where are you?)

OK, so this is super Plus/4 nerdy stuff. We're always digging up old details about sceners, demos, etc. Especially about people who are "not found". (E.g. Boomby has posted here once, so he's considered found, Pit on the other hand is "lost" )

Anyway, I was looking at EDS (due to the 5 picture demos added today, see Picture 1, etc). In *all* his releases, only a P. O. Box is given: "ED-SOFTWORX, PLK 014752 D, 5000 KOELN 80" That *exact* same P. O. Box appears in TTL releases as well... So...


I chatted about this with Luca, and he immediately thought of Never Ending Story, which is signed with "EDS of TTL". (That's kind of odd, TTL should be a person, not a group.) However... In several early TTL demos (e.g. Drum-Mix I), TTL sends greetings to EDS. Does that mean they were two different people? Maybe a younger/older brother? Maybe it's just misdirection once he changed his handle to TTL, wanting to distance himself from the older handle - what are the chances of two unrelated crackers using the exact same P. O. Box address?

Crown, you worked with Fusion (TTL's new handle), any comments on this?

Chicken, you're the go-to guy about old German scener stuff, what do you think?

Anyone else?

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on 2018-02-11
 Re: Calling all old-school sceners (Crown, Chicken, where are you?)

28/05/2013 is the date of the last message from him via Facebook, after having received my list of question in order to put up an interview with him; lately, he'd never answered back to my pokeing. Today I've tried that again, let's see what happens.

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on 2018-02-11
 Re: Calling all old-school sceners (Crown, Chicken, where are you?)

Actually on the Neverending Story demo, one guy has a TTL mark, while an other had a ME mark, and it should be EDS, because the released the demo.

So I think they are two different people, but could be in very close relation, maybe brothers.
Or father and son, like I did a common release with my daugther?
Those would explain the same address.

(On the other hand, a same PO Box could be used by members of a group, or by a small company's staff too)

Posted By

on 2018-02-14
 Re: Calling all old-school sceners (Crown, Chicken, where are you?)

Chicken weighs in (via email):

"In fact, I wondered about that, too. Long time ago. My conclusion back then: Two different guys, mainly because of the "Neverending Story" pic (MMS pointed that out, too).

PLK – although similar to PO BOX – is something different. I think, I wrote about that a while ago in some other context.

Searched … 11 years ago?! Time flies by to fast.

It was completely anonymous and crackers used it to avoid trouble. Maybe Fusion didn't have one and it had more "street credibility" ( ) if you had one.

I think TTL/Fusion lived in Bonn. Though, that's not too far away from Köln. So sharing a PLK could be possible.

Another option (though, in this case not very likely): Lonely sceners made up alter-egos (fellow sceners)."

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