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Posted By

on 2017-08-20
 Terra Nova on Sextett Compilation buggy?

Hi there,
i got an original copy of the Sextett Compilation disk and noticed that
the game crahes or hangs after completing the first stage and don't load the next stage.
i tried it several times an also used cheats but everytime the same result.
Can anyone confirm this?

Regards, Norman

Posted By

on 2017-08-21
 Re: Terra Nova on Sextett Compilation buggy?

There's a zip in the Terra Nova page containing some buggy C16 and Plus/4 bugged versions. Try the latter and tell us if what you see is what you've got from your real tape.

Posted By

on 2017-08-26
 Re: Terra Nova on Sextett Compilation buggy?

Hello Luca,
thanks for your reply. I have the Disk Version of Sextett.
It seems there is no D64 image on this site yet....i could make an image of my disk if you want.


Posted By

on 2017-08-27
 Re: Terra Nova on Sextett Compilation buggy?

Would be a great contributiin, thank you

Posted By

on 2017-08-27
 Re: Terra Nova on Sextett Compilation buggy?

ok, i tried but i got some problems creating a working image.
I guess there is a copy protection on this disk and i do not have a parallel cabel for my
ZoomFloppy Device.The following Message appears when i try to start making an image:

"the source disk ID (S4) is unknown. this could be a corrupt disk, a copy-protectected disk,
or unsupportet format.Do you want to try imaging with NIBTOOLS?"

When i create a standard D64 Image the program gives a warning that the image is bigger than 683 blocks (688 blocks)...trying to make a NIB image fails and program abort...

Sorry but i am new to the Commodore 64 - and plus4 World and hope you can help me.
Also i am interrested to contribute an share my stuff...

Any german users active here?

May be a silly idea but i can send my Disk to a proffessional and he/she can make a working image of it.

At least, sorry for my bad english

regards Norman

Posted By

on 2017-08-27
 Re: Terra Nova on Sextett Compilation buggy?

some additional notes to my disk.

the disk itself working fine on my C16 with 64...the Kingsoft menue and all games are working fine...
just made a quick test and all games seems to work fine...(except Terra Nova wich seems to have the problem, described in my first post)


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