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on 2017-05-23
 Skool Daze conversion anyone?

According to, the cult game Skool Daze, father of the sandbox games genre released on C64 and ZX Spectrum, is under developing for Atari 800 and in advanced development in the hands of Mariusz Wojcieszek (mariuszw), the same coder behind A800 portings of Gunfright and Pentagram.

This time, the C64 version is the actual point where to start, so there would be no interest in a Plus/4 conversion from Emu. Nonetheless, mariuszw himself has answered back:
"Skool Daze Plus/4 has not been considered yet. If you - or other Plus/4 coder is interested in doing the port, please contact me via AtariAge (user mariuszw). I will pass my source code and I will share the knowledge about the game. Game is definitely doable on Plus/4.".

Is there a skilled coder with some free time to spend (a little of it, because the 6502 based source will be quite complete) who wanna take up the gauntlet and convert "Skool Daze" on Plus/4 by adapting the source supplied by mariuszw?

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on 2017-12-12
 Re: Skool Daze conversion anyone?

I just released Skool Daze with full source code here:

+4 version should be quite simple to prepare. C64 version has code located at $0800 - $bfff. Screen is located at $e000-$ffff, but can be easily relocated to $c000-$dfff for +4. All screen memory accessed had to be redone for Atari version, so it will be easy to find them and fix for +4. Color memory has to be redone, but fortunately there are actually only three routines which use it: "print a tile", "scroll screen left" and "scroll screen right". Speech bubbles need to be done in software, but fortunately they are very simple, as they are always placed on character boundary. Atari version implements them, but it uses linear bitmap memory, so sprites would need to be adjusted.


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on 2017-12-21
 Re: Skool Daze conversion anyone?

I strongly hope that somebody is working on it: 'Skool Daze is a real cult on any machine, but in this case an official C64 version already exists, so the successful chain of work starting from mariuszw and culminating on Rod&Emu, this time doesn't have readons to occur. If someone outta here is moving toward this conversion right now, can announce it here please

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