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on 2010-09-10
 TED music editor on PC


At first, my question goes to the emulator authors: is it possible to create a DLL which implements the sound functionality of TED chip? (well, ok, I know it's possible, but who takes the job...) Like FMOD or SDL_Mixer or BASS. The main application only calls a few functions and the dll plays the music/etc in another thread, so the main program doesn't need to take care of all kind of soundbuffer, mixing, calculating waveforms, etc.
I easily can imagine these functions:
TED_SetVolume(int volume)
TED_SetVoice(int channel, int freq, int waveform)

If anyone can do this job (I'm bad/unexperienced in this area), I could develop a .NET based TED music editor which not only edits the music but could play the musics which (no need to say) is a great help for composers

What do you think, does it worth to spend some time or it's just a waste of time?


Posted By

on 2010-09-10
 Re: TED music editor on PC

The need is definitely there. Yerzmyey asked for something like this specifically. I think other musicians who don't have any Plus/4 background or experience would use it as well. We need TED tunes! So... go for it!

Posted By

on 2010-09-10
 Re: TED music editor on PC

Kichy, what about erm...the other project about TED music?

Posted By

on 2010-09-11
 Re: TED music editor on PC

You should consider basing the editor upon something like TLCPlay or Csabo's player routines. All they really lack is an editor for "non coders".

That way you could also speed up development!

Posted By

on 2010-09-11
 Re: TED music editor on PC

Kichy: TLC has made once such a standalone TED sound engine around 2003. I should have it somewhere, too. It clocks itself from a logfile, but that is easy to change. You/we can luckily avoid a full blown CPU and partial TED emulation since the TED sound is so simple. Your "x-tracker" should only align its register read/writes to single clock cycles, but that's a simple counter.

Drop me a mail and we can discuss further the details. I could maybe even help you with the .NET stuff if you want.

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