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on 2017-11-14
 Re: Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True Together (lumydctt)


(off topic) WoOoW! I wouldn't have realized it, if you didn't mention it. Thanks! How do they decide which game will be chosen for and written an article about it? I can't believe it, I haven't woken up from the positive shock, yet. (...and this was an ideal present for my name's day...)

LUMYDCTT --> v2.1.0
+ Reorganizing objects for planing the real tile/map editor (not yet)
+ Some bugs are fixed. (click out of the characters border, click on characters table when Tile-mode is on)
+ Avoiding flickering when you draw. (using doublebuffer)
+ I am thinking about a map editor... ...but I am now very busy with an old computer (I'm just getting it).

[updated: 2017.11.08.]

Your wish (2x3, 3x2 characters editing in WYSIWYG) is checked, because your other wish (Tile Editor: up to 8 tiles and in max 8 by 8 dimension) is also checked.

Here you are: LUMYDCTT v2.1.8

[updated: later this day]

...and I grabbed it then took it into the school (where I teach informatics) and tested it with pupils. I showed them the basics and asked them for drawing a house from 4 characters (2-by-2). It was accomplished by them, so the mission is completed... :-)

Have a nice Tile editing!

[updated: 2017.11.14.]

After some feedbacks, you can
- INCLUDE more sources and binaries
- plan your game characters and levels
- save the whole project
- save only the character table or the current part of the map
- edit a character
- use double pixels, too
- edit up to 16 tiles (a tile can be 8x8 characters)
- edit a map (40*25 x 25*25 = 1000x625 = 625000 characters)
- use 121 colors of Commodore Plus/4 or custom colors

Have a nice Map editing!

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