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Zork I
Title:Zork I
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Product Code:T266001
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Published by:Infocom, Inc.
Distributed by:Commodore Business Machines, Inc. (CBM U.S.)
Cracked by:The Byte Ltd.
Notes:AKA Zork I: The Great Underground Adventure. The first part of the classic Zork Trilogy.
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  External links:
    C64 release
    Amiga release
    Amstrad CPC release
    Atari 8bit release
    MSX release
    Atari ST release

User Rating: 7.8/10 (5 votes)
Zork I Screenshot

Review: H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook Volume 1 Issue 1 (Magazine/English) Page 16
Reviewed: Commodore Welt C16 116 P4 Special Testjahrbuch 1988 3/88 (Magazine/German) Page 4

Box Front
Box Front
Box Rear
Box Rear

Solutions - Complete
Zork 1 The Great Uderground Empire

by Reuben Cornwall

note: every thing with in the " " are direct commands
that you will need to type in
n=north e=east s=south w=west u=up d=down

From the start go s, then e, "open window" "enter house" then go w,
"take lamp" "move rug" "open trap door" "turn on lamp" then go d, s, e,
"get painting" then go n, u, u, "get knife and rope" and go d, w,
"open case" "put painting in case" and "drop knife" and "get sword" then
"open trap door" and go d, n, "kill troll with sword" keep doeing this
untill the troll is dead then "drop sword" then go e, e, se, e, and
"tie rope to railing" then go d, s, e, "take coffin" then go w, s, and
"pray" then "turn off lamp" then go s, n, e, d, d, n, and "drop coffin"
"open coffin" and "get sceptre" then "wave sceptre" then "look" and
"get gold and coffin" then go sw, u, u, nw, w, then "in" and "open bag"
and "get garlic" go w, "put coffin in case" then
"put sceptre and gold in case" then "open trap door" and "turn on lamp"
and go d, n, e, n, ne, e, n, and "get matches" then go n, "get wrench" and
"get screwdriver" then "push yellow button" then go s, s, and
"turn bolt with wrench" and go s, d, w, se, e, d, "get torch" and
"turn off lamp" go s, "get bell" and go s, "get book and candles" then go
d, untill you get to the gates of hell and "ring bell" then "get candles"
and "light match" then "light candles with match" and "read book" then
"drop book" go s, "get skull" then go n, u, n, "put out candles" and
"rub mirror" then go n, w, n, w, n, e, and
"put torch and screwdriver in basket" then "turn on lamp" then go
n, d, e, ne, se, sw, d, d, s, and "get coal" then go n, u, u, n, e, s, n,
u, s, "put coal in basket" then "lower basket" and go n, d, e, ne, se, sw,
d, d, w, and "drop all" and "get coal" and "get screwdriver and torch" and
go s, "open lid" and "put coal into machine" then "close lid"
and "turn switch with screwdriver" then "open lid" and "get diamond" then
"drop screwdriver" go n, and "put torch and diamond in basket" go e, and
"get skull lamp and garlic" then go e, u, u, n, e, s, n, and "get bracelet"
and go u, s, and "raise basket" and "get torch and diamond" and
"turn off lamp" go w, and "get jade" then go s, e, s, and "go slide down"
then go u, and "put diamond and jade in case" and
"put bracelet and torch in case" and "drop garlic" and "turn on lamp" go
d, n, e, n, ne, n, "get trunk" and go n, "get pump" and go n,
"get trident" then go s, s, e, e, and "inflate boat with pump" and
"get in boat" and say "launch" then keep saying "wait" untill you come
across a buoy and "get buoy" then go e, and "get out of boat"
and "drop buoy and pump" and "open buoy" then "get shovel and emerald" then
go ne, and "dig sand" untill you come across a scarab and "drop shovel" and
"get scarab" go sw, s, s, and "cross rainbow" and "turn off lamp" and go
sw, u, u, nw, w, "in" w, and "put emerald in case" then
"put scarab and trident in case" and go e, e, n, n, u, and "get egg"
and go d, s, e, "in" w, and "turn on lamp" and go d, n, w, s, u, and
"take coins and key" then go sw, e, s, se, and say "odysseus" and go
u, and "give egg to thief" and go d, e, e, and "put coins in case"
if you still have them maybe the thief has stole them and "get knife" and
go w, w, u, and "kill thief with knife" keep doeing this untill he is dead
then "get all" and go d, nw, s, w, u, d, ne, and "unlock grate" and
"open grate" and go u, s, u, and "wind up canary" then go d, and
"get bauble" then go s, e, "in" w, and "remove canary from egg"
and "put all but lamp in case" then go d, n, and keep goeing e, untill
your in the loud room and say "echo" and "get bar" and go w, s, u, and
"put bar in case" you should now get a message if not then go back to
where you killed the thief in order to get the rest of the stuf you need
to put in the case in order to here the message now follow the advice of
the message and you should see a map "get map" and "look at map" and go
e, e, n, w, sw, to the barrow then go w,
the end....

you should also have 350 out of 350 if you have followed this walkthrough
and have a rank of master adventurer.

Solutions - Hints
I can't get past the troll!
Just keep typing KILL TROLL WITH SWORD until he's dead. Sometimes you get killed, in this case restart.
How do I get down in the dome?
Tie the rope to the railing.
How do I open the dam?
Press the yellow button in the Dam Maintenance room, then you can turn the bolt on the panel with the wrench.
How do I get past the bat?
Make sure to carry the garlic (found in the sack at the beginning) with you, the bat hates it.
I went down from the smelly room and died! What gives?
The smell is from gas, if you carry the torch or lit candles in there, you will blow up. Make sure you don't have those, but the lantern instead.
How do I get the platinum bar?
Think about what happens when you say anything in that room... What's that effect called?
I still can't get the platinum bar!
Type ECHO, and the noise is gone.
What are the mirrors for?
When you touch them, they act as teleporters.
What do I do with the air pump?
Maybe you should find something that can be PUMPed UP. Perhaps something with a valve attached.

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