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Zeuz Interceptor
Title:Zeuz Interceptor
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Fine Young Cannibals (FYC)
Coded by:K., Gergely (Ratt)
Notes:A demo in 4 parts.
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User Rating: 6/10 (3 votes)
Zeuz Interceptor Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Nukepaper 06

Program Text (partial)
                                       HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS, LAMERS, CODERS, MASTERS, AND CONVERTERS !              TIS PART OF THIS ZEUZ INTERCEPTOR WAS CODED AND CONVERTED BY RATT OF FYC CREW ON 1991 IN GYOR.            CODERS OF FYC ARE : ACS, SJP, RATT, ATX                        CODERS FROM GYOR ARE : WACKY, ATX AND I AS RATT ...                 I SEND SOME GREETZ TO THE BESTS, AND MY FRIENDS ...                                 MERCENARY, WACKY, SJP, ACS, ATX, ANARCHY, CSM, WIT, TCFS, PROKY, TPSH, DOKY, DOC, TMT, TRS, M PLUS M CREW, STREZI, MAN, NST, BAND, TYCB, 220 VOLT, TRP, DR.MAD, DIGIT, EVS TEAM, OSCAR, HAWK, OMEGA         N SO ON ...                       HEY ! THIZ IS MY FIRST STUFF IN THE FYC CREW !             I THINK U ARE ENJOY THIS DEMO ...                  DATE : 1991 6.1 ...                              SIGN OFF !                         TEXT RESTART !                                                  

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