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Tree Some
Title:Tree Some
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Released by:Fantastic Italian Research Enterprise (FIRE)
Converted by:C., Luca (Luca)
Notes:C64 original by The Skull (Garry Oldfield) in the year 1998.
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Tree Some Title Screenshot

Tree Some Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 131

News: C&A Games 07 (Magazine/Polish) Page 5

Two gangs from different cities send one man each any turn in order to check what the other gang is up to. A big tree divides the two countries. Unfortunately for anybody there, that tree! They wanna cut you down in order to reach the enemy territory, hence you have to get rid of those nuts, swinging your branches at the gang members.

The gang members try to hit you with their axes till you're down, as the colour of your leaves changes with your health status. Hit the men several times in order to beat'em. Use a limited number of super shots when you need to kill a man instantly.
There's a butterfly that randomly flies around. If you're able to catch'it into your leaves, you can eat it to regain some health, amd to build up an additional super shot.

Summarizing: Wardogs Vs. tree Vs. Panthers. It's every man or tree for himself. Make sure you're the one who wins!

J Move left
K Move right
D Hit left
F Hit right
A Super shot left
S Super shot right
SPACE Eat butterfly

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