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Enter the magical world of adventure without leaving your own armchair ... with the help of your trusty computer ...

In 435 B.C. Hippocrates discovered a cure for cancer. This was written on two gold tablets, which were then hidden for saftey in a magical forest and forgotten.

The whereabouts of this forest has recently been discovered. It is your job to enter the forest alone and find the tablets and return with them to the start.

Tablets Of Hippocrates
Title:Tablets Of Hippocrates
Release Date:
Device Req.:Tape only
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Retail Price:£5.95
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Released by:Fawkes Computing
Notes:Also released on the ZX81.
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Tablets Of Hippocrates Title Screenshot

Tablets Of Hippocrates Screenshot

Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Cover (Instructions)
Cassette Cover (Instructions)

The computer will act as your puppet. Guide him (or her if you prefer) with simple sentences usually of verb/noun type. E.G. take candle. Words he knows include n (for north), s,e,w, up, down, take, drop, look, list, help, read, climb, make, use, move, fill and many many more. You are advised to draw a map as you go along ...

To make life easier the function keys have been pre-programmed with certian common words. These are:-
Key 1 - look
Key 2 - take
Key 3 - drop
Key 4 - use
Key 5 - climb
Key 6 - read
Key 7 - list
Key 8 - help

If you forget which keys do what then type "key".

There is also an option to save a partially completed game. Position a blank tape correctly and type "save". To continue with a saved game position the tape at the point saved and type "load".

Should you wish to start a again we have saved a game at the starting point and this is on the tape immediately after the main program and data. GOOD LUCK

Solutions - Complete
Fawkes Computing, aka Simon Fawkes, has been so kind to search for the original solution sheet and scan it, in behalf of any adventurer.
The bottom note reports a "©1983", that is two years before the publication date.

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