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Shoot The Duck
Title:Shoot The Duck
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Notes:Written by Pedro Garcia.
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Plus/4 World
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Shoot The Duck Screenshot

Hall Of Fame
2Csabo1,200YAPE 1.0.6.
3Luca1,200Played in YAPE 1.0.6.

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 138

Author's Note
Hi, I am Pedro Garcia, I am Paulo’s 16 year old son and over the past few week I have put aside a few minutes per day to create a very simple game on my father’s Commodore Plus/4. The game I made was a simple hunting game, the duck flies overhead and the player is at the bottom of the screen having to shoot the duck by timing the shot correctly, I know it is not very impressive but I am definitely proud of it. I have a little bit of coding experience as I have been taking my high school’s computer science course for the past two years, where we use Visual Basic and Flash, I must say it was quite difficult at first to say goodbye to some of the luxuries I have grown accustomed to. Using the computer itself was quite different, having to use the arrow keys instead of a mouse seemed a bit slow at first but I grew accustomed to it, one thing that I will never get used to however is the need for the insert key, I can’t list the amount of times that I forgot to click it and typed over an entire line of code! Although it took me awhile to warm up to it, I must say it’s vintage charm got to me, having to do things like loading up the program by typing rather than using the windows I am used to started out as inconvenient, but towards the end I didn’t mind it one bit. I can confidently say that I will experiment with vintage computers in the future, that is if my dad even lets me near them!

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