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Fighting Fantasy
[ Seas of Blood ]Rebel PlanetTemple of Terror

For those of you who are fed up with always playing the good guy, Seas of Blood gives you the chance to work out all that pent-up aggression by sailing around, finding victims, and killing them without mercy! Don't get too excited, though, because chances are that you'll meet your match sooner or later and end up at the bottom of the sea.

The original was programmed by Brian Howarth and Mike Woodroffe of Gremlins and Robin renown, this game is largely founded on the work of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. (In case the names aren't familiar, these gents have brought the joys of man-to-man combat into living rooms all over the country with their Fantasy books. The books use a dice system combined with hit points and experience to determine the outcome of fights, and the system has been adopted by the computer game.)

In order to give you lots of opportunity for rolling the dice, Seas of Blood puts you in the role of a blood-thirsty pirate captain on the Inland Sea, who must retrieve twenty treasures and store them on a mountain-top in order to crack the game. You start off onboard your ship and navigate the ocean blue using the command SAIL followed by a direction. Apart from the normal adventuring and exploring to be done, there's also a strategy element to the game, since you must keep an eye on the morale of your men and on your provisions if you are to avoid mutiny and ending up as shark-fodder.

Seas of Blood
Title:Seas of Blood
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Released by:Legion Of Doom (LOD)
Converted by:P., Csaba (Csabo)
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
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  External links:
    C64 release
    ZX Spectrum release
    Amstrad CPC release

User Rating: 8.6/10 (5 votes)
Seas of Blood Title Screenshot

Seas of Blood Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 91

Solutions - Hints
I can only go up and down! What gives?
While you are on the Banshee, you must SAIL around - e.g. SAIL EAST.
I've reached location XYZ, but I can't go there!
Leave the ship with the GO ASHORE command.

Image Gallery
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Seas Of Blood Screenshot #2
Seas Of Blood Screenshot #3
Seas Of Blood Screenshot #4

Hidden Feature
On the first screen, if you answer "X" to the question "Resume a saved game?" you will access a hidden feature that only exists in this conversion. It will display all the in-game graphics.

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