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Rózsaszín Párduc (Pink Panther)
Title:Rózsaszín Párduc (Pink Panther)
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
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Coded by:S., Géza (Batya)
Notes:AKA Pink Panther. Full Hungarian title: "Rózsaszín Párduc a Pokol Tornácán" (Pink Panther In Limbo). Despite what the title screen says, this was never commercially released by Novotrade (see notes below).
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User Rating: 8.4/10 (15 votes)
Rózsaszín Párduc Title Screenshot

Rózsaszín Párduc Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Derived Software
Pink Panther Trained

Description: Commodore Világ 12 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 26

In the complex:
Z left
X right
; up
/ down
Space Toggle top-down and side view
Run/Stop Go to mainframe
Control Go to map

In rooms:
Z left
X right
Space Jump

Release Notes
Mucsi remembered the following details regarding the game's release:

This game was intended to be released commercially, but it never made it. When it was initially shown to Novotrade, they loved it, but wanted to talk about changes (since the Pink Panther is a copyrighted character). The complete game was sent to a few(?) people for testing. Within just a few weeks, it spread all around Hungary. Soon, even the people at Novotrade had it, so a commercial release was out of the question.

In the textscroll of My Own Graphic Box II, Jeva cites a forthcoming game to be distributed by Novotrade called "Leopold a Leopárd". Later, he confirmed that as the name they've chosen in order to get around the copyrights issues.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>90CD ADAlways find disk in guessing game
>91A8 24
>91C6 24
Unlimited time
>C0A3 24
>C4F2 60
>C6AB 60
Invulnerability in rooms

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