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Game Endings

Rózsaszín Párduc
Ending for
Rózsaszín Párduc

How To Reach
Walk around the complex, visiting rooms. Pick up all disks. There are two ways of getting data:

1) Solve the "guessing games" to get access to backup computers. Each backup computers gives you one data, which is recorded on one disk. (If you don't have a disk, you can't get the data.)

2) Solve rooms. When all rooms on a level are solved, all regular computers open and the data can be picked up.

Collect 84 pieces of data. (14 columns * 6 rows = 84).

Press Run/Stop to access the mainframe. Walk up in front of it, press up to view data. If you have all pieces, press fire and the ending will be shown. After the ending, the score is shown (just like after a regular game over). If it's a new high score, a congratulations message is shown.

The Ending

The mainframe showing the entire screen, when at least 84 pieces of data is collected. Pressing fire leads to the end screen:

Translation: "Congratulations, you've completed your task". Pressing fire again leads to the normal game over screen.

Notes: The Hungarian text is lacking the accents (still understandable though). The color is not set correctly (the blue should be white). The animation of the Pink Panther driving away is recycled from the intro.

Translation: "Data: ### / High Score: ### / Congratulations, New Record."

Notes: The broken number characters appear to be a bug.

Start the game normally (press SPACE in the intro).

Enter the following in monitor:
>E1 E E E E E E
>F0A 72
>F32 73

You now have 90 pieces of data and can win the game. (Press Run/Stop, walk up to the main frame, press up.)

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