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Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Notes:Coded by David Murray.
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User Rating: 9/10 (3 votes)
PetDraw Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 139

News: Commodore Free 89 (Magazine/English) Page 36

PetDraw-Plus4 By David Murray 2015

PetDraw is designed to allow the creation of artwork using nothing but PETSCII characters and whatever text-mode colors are allowed by the system. Besides just having fun, one of the benefits of this program is to create better-looking text screens for other software. Currently, ports exist for C64, Plus/4 (and C16), PET 4032 and PET 8032.

NOTE - this version is not fully functional. Load/Save routines DO work, but you cannot see what you are typing on the screen. if you blind-type and press return it will load/save to device 8. Text mode is currenty broken. This is due to kernel differences between the C64 and Plus/4 and how the cursor and char-out routines work. it will require significant re-write of some sub routines to make it functional.

PetDraw has 4 primary screens. It starts up at the help screen, but you can't actually do anything at the help screen. Press any key to leave the help screen.



F5 - TEXT MODE (currently broken)


Most features only work while in DRAW mode. Here is a list of commands and what they do:


CURSOR KEYS - Move your cursor around.
SPACE - Plot the currently selected character
RETURN - Select a new character
C - Change the color under the cursor to the currently selected color, without changing the character.
G - Get the character and color under the cursor and make it the selected color. (basically works like a 1-character copy/paste.)
SHIFT-HOME - Clear the screen
F - Fill the screen with selected color and character
BACKSPACE - Clear the character under the cursor
SHIFT+U/D/L/R - move the entire line that the cursor is on up/down/left/right. It will cycle around to the other side of the screen.
L - Load a file. if you just press return with no filename, load will abort.
S - Save a file. Pressing return with no filename will abort.
H - The help screen.
COLOR-KEYS - You can change color instantly by pressing CONTROL or C= key combined with 1-8.


In this mode, you can draw using PETSCII block characters creating an 80x50 pixel array. You'll need to use F7 to change colors in this mode. Only the following keys do anything.

CURSOR KEYS - to move around
SPACE - To plot
BACKSPACE - to unplot
F7 - Select color

***TEXT MODE*** (currently broken)

Text mode is a little buggy. But generally it is only used for writing a few words and then exiting back to draw mode by pressing F1 or F3. The keyboard behaves mostly just like it does under BASIC.


You can do 3 things in this screen.

B - Set the border color to the currently highlighted color.
G - Set the background color to the current color.
RETURN - Set the draw color to the current color.

Note: The Plus/4 & C16 technically have 128 colors. However, all shades of black are still black. so it is not a bug that the entire top row of black look exactly the same. That's just how the Plus/4 and C16 hardware works.


Some examples are include with the ZIP file that you can load, just so you'll have something to play with.

If you want to hide the cursor (for taking a screenshot), plot something in the same color as the background and move the cursor over it. I may include a function in the future to hide the cursor.

Sometimes it is faster to draw whatever you want in black and white, then come back and colorize everything using the C-key.

***Possible Future Enhancements***

Here are some features I've thought about adding, if there is interest to do so:

-Intelligent flood-fill.
-Better load/save screen with menus and ability to select other drive numbers.
-Color keys available in Pixel mode.
-Sounds, beeps, etc.
-Cut/Paste features
-Mouse and/or lightpen support.
-Joystick support
-command to hide cursor.
-A screen to allow redefining of the character set.
-Rearrange the character select screen so that similar PETSCII characters are next to each other.
-Load filters that will recognize and convert from other petdraw platforms. Technically you can currently load a C64 verson on the pus/4 and vice-versa but the colors will be different.

Image Gallery
PetDraw Screenshot #1
PetDraw Screenshot #2
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PetDraw Screenshot #4
PetDraw Screenshot #5
PetDraw Screenshot #6

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