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Mountain Valley Adventure
Castle Of Mydor +4Dark Planet +4Himalayan Odyssey +4King Solomon's Mines +4Lost City +4Mystery Island +4[ Oasis Of Shalimar +4 ]Scroll Of AkhbanSmugglers' Inn +4Volcano Of Raka-Tua +4Escape From Raka-Tua +4

Oasis Of Shalimar +4
Title:Oasis Of Shalimar +4
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:AustroSpeed
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Released by:Legion Of Doom (LOD)
Converted by:P., Csaba (Csabo)
Notes:Mountain Valley Adventure #7.
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    C64 release
    C64 release

User Rating: 6.6/10 (3 votes)
Oasis Of Shalimar +4 Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 102

Solutions - Complete
Submitted by Sixteen Plus

Note: If you don't want the following quick full solution and only want help with certain areas, then please remember
to "Light Candle" for everytime you enter the underground area, and "Unlight Candle" for everytime you leave, as you
only have a limited amount of light of 85 moves before it burns out.

N, Climb Tree, Look Date, Get Key, D, W, N, Move Crate, Open Trapdoor, S, E, E, Move Rocks, Get Axe
W, W, N, Chop Crate, Look Crate, Get Cup, Drop Axe. S, Drop Cup (The sign just reads to drop your treasure here)
E, E, N, Go Minaret, Move Boulder, Get Shovel, S, W, Open Gate, Drop Key, Go Gate, N, Go Hole, Look Hedge
Get Brooch, W, Look Altar, Get Matches, Move Altar, Get Medallion, E, Go Hole, S, S, Get Candle, E, S, Dig
Get Crowbar, W, W, Drop Brooch, Drop Medallion, E, S, W, Dig, Get Scarab, E, N, W, Drop Scarab, N, D, Dig, Dig
Turn Knob, Get Dagger, U, U, S, Drop Dagger, N, D, Turn Nose, Go Opening, Move Slab, Drop Crowbar, Get Sword
Get Fish, Go Opening, Dig, Drop Shovel, Get Helmet, Press Panel, Push Lever, S, S, U, S, Drop Sword, Drop Helmet
E, E, N, Go Rubble, Move Rubble, Get Spear, S, W, Go Gate, Put Fish, N, E, Look Sarcophagus, Get Ring, W, S,
Get Fish, Break Fish, Get Nugget, S, E, S, W, W, Drop Ring, Drop Spear, Drop Nugget
Red Herrings

The Spanner is a red herring. Don't bother touching it.

Don't eat the date. It will slowly poison you and kill you. If you do eat the date, there is a bottle in the Mausoleum.
Don't bother to read the labal, just "Drink Potion" to restore your health but you only get one chance, don't eat
anymore. This is another huge red herring to either kill you or reduce your final score.

The rose in the rosebush: Although you can "Put Rose" in the vase of the underground fat statue, it actually serves
no purpose other than to waste candlelight and as an extra pointless move reducing your final score. As well as it being
another red herring, another likely reason for this inclusion is that it's a little added guilty joke for what you have to do
to the sacred statue. Best leave the rosebush alone.

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